About In Bed Magazine

About In Bed Magazine

What it is:

In Bed Magazine is the sexual wellness resource for the ladies AND the guys, single or married, young and old, bashful or bold, hetero, homo, and everyone in between. We cover sexual wellness, pleasure, love, intimacy, comfort, and other wonderful things that can happen in bed or wherever you choose to retreat to for some personal time. Topics include relationship and sex advice, product reviews and buying guides—including sex toys, news that affects the most private aspects of your life, and opinions on all of the above.

The name, In Bed Magazine, was inspired by the (sometimes) entertaining practice of adding the phrase “in bed” to the end of a fortune in a fortune cookie. What? You’ve never heard of doing that? You should try it. “Great rewards are in your future…in bed! Okay, maybe it was funnier when we were 18 years old, but we can’t stop doing it.

Who we are:

In Bed Magazine is produced and co-edited by a married couple along with contributions from friends, other writers, and associates who represent a range of ages, orientations, lifestyles and relationship statuses. We aren’t professional therapists or medical experts by any means, but rather individuals who strongly believe in the importance of personal and sexual wellness, communication, intimacy, and connection. We advocate intelligent and fun conversations surrounding sexuality and love, as well as the social normalization of healthy sexual human behavior and attitudes.

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