Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear readers,

Some topics on this site are quite sensitive and personal in nature, therefore it is all the more important to us that you feel comfortable visiting this site. Privacy is very important to us. We make no effort to collect or store information for the purpose of personally identifying by name or location any individuals who visit this site. However, almost all web servers log some data from visitor connections automatically and we do collect some general data in order to understand our audience as a whole and to improve the user experience. What follows is a description of what data is collected and how it is used. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or send email to eyes at

Information this site collects and how it is used

Automatically collected information

Server logs

What is collected: The servers which host this site, as do pretty much all web servers, retain short-term access and error logs of basic information about visits to the site, including:

  • IP addresses
  • Date/time of access
  • URL or image viewed
  • Type of browser (iOS, etc.)

Amount of time log data is retained: About 5 days worth of daily logs. Older logs are automatically deleted by the server

How we use this information: Typically we would not use it. (I just looked at it for the first time ever, in the 4-ish years this site has been around, in order to provide the information above. The only reason and way this information would be used would be to diagnose connectivity problems or in order to identify and block IP addresses from which malicious attacks or spam are detected. Otherwise, we have no need or desire to access this information at all.

How you can delete this data: Five days after you’ve visited the site, the information no longer exists, so information is automatically deleted. If you need it deleted sooner, send an email to eyes at

Google Analytics

What is collected: This site employs Google Analytics which uses cookies that help Google collect and analyze traffic data on this site’s behalf. The type of information this data includes is IP addresses, general geographic region/location, the website you came from in order to get to our site (Google search, a blog, tumblr, Facebook, etc.), how long you visited the site, what kind of computer/device you use, which pages you visited etc.

Although IP addresses are collected through Google Analytics, In Bed Magazine chooses to anonymize IP addresses, which means that the last set of numbers is set to zeros. Effectively, the full IP address is never actually recorded and therefore cannot be used to identify you or your location. Read more about IP anonymization in Google Analytics. (It’s a good thing!)

How we use this information: We use this information to help us understand our audience as a whole, the amount of traffic we’re receiving, what kind of content on our site people are most interested in, and how people are finding out about the site. In short, we use it to improve the site and the user experience. But we do not use it to try to identify individuals or market to you.

See also the Privacy Policy for Google Analytics, which describes in more detail what data is collected by Google analytics, how it is used, and how you can opt-out.

Information you voluntarily provide to us

The “Ask” feature

What is collected: If you use the Ask In Bed feature of the site to ask us a question or provide a suggestion, we do ask for an e-mail address and a fake name. We only ask for the email address in case you want a follow-up response or if you we have more questions. It is absolutely normal and understandable to use a temporary secondary email address for the sake of privacy. Likewise, we explicitly ask for a fake name. You don’t have to use your real name. We just need something to call you.

How we use this information: Your email address will only be used to send you an answer to your question or if we have additional questions for you. Your fake name will be used if we publish the question along with a response in one of the Advice sections of the site. For example, “Sleepless in Portland asks, what are some ways to wind down and fall asleep when your brain just won’t turn off?” If you provided the name “Sleepless in Portland”, that’s what we’ll use. We will not publish and share your email address.

Be mindful of third-party social sites

We do provide social plug-ins that allow you to easily share content on third-party sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Consult the privacy policies of these respective sites individually in order to understand how data is collected and used on their sites. We hope you will enthusiastically share this content with friends, but keep in mind that much of the material on In Bed Magazine pertains to sex and sexuality, and therefore may not be suitable for all audiences.

E-mail Addresses in Comments

Sharing your real e-mail address in any comments you leave is entirely optional. Even if you choose to provide an email address, for example, if you want us to answer a question directly, we do not display the addresses in the comments. However, they are still retained in the data with the comment.

How we use this information: we would only use this information to respond back to you directly via e-mail if you request a response via e-mail.

How you can delete this information: Just send an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to delete your comment and/or the e-mail address associated with it. Unfortunately, like most commenting systems that don’t require you to login to an account on the site and that allow anonymous comments, you aren’t able to remove the comment yourself.

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