REMOJI sex toys promise app-controlled thrills for both sexes

The headline on the REMOJI IndeiGoGo.com crowdfunding campaign page says “Remoji to Legalize Public Sex”. I’m not sure what that’s all about—sex toys have no influence on local indecency ordinances, and pulling off the remote vibrator thing in public is easier said than done—but the big news in my book is that their suite of compatible app-controlled sex toys includes a model made for guys, and I’m not talking about yet another thing to put in your butt, but finally an app-controlled vibrating sex toy designed to make a penis happy.

REMOJI full-line

The full line of REMOJI app-controlled toys includes shapes designed for just about all the feel-good body parts on guys and girls. Guys, take note of the Blow Hole on the right. That one is for you. Finally!

REMOJI is being made by PicoBong, a sex toy company that appears to be connected to the premium women’s sex toy brand, LELO. To date, their campaign to finish the app has exceeded their $10,000 goal by 358%—raising over $35,000. Obviously, they’ve got peoples’ attention. Sex toys typically do very well on crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo, but overall, what they’re designing doesn’t look that much different from app-controlled products already on the market from major players such as We-Vibe, OhMiBod, and Lovense (we’re working on a major app-controlled comparison right now). But what sets their line apart is that in addition to the typical clit-centric, G-spot/prostate-massaging, and couple’s ring style vibes, they’ve got something called the “Blow Hole”, a type of cup designed to hug a penis.

As a guy who has just recently discovered just how nice app-controlled vibrations can be, by way of the We-Vibe, I think this is one of the more exciting developments for guys in recent years. To my knowledge, there are no app-controlled vibrators on the market that are designed for a guy’s anatomy. The REMOJI Blow Hole may very well be the first.

Just the other evening, as part of our work on the app-controlled vibrator review, I sent my wife to the moon via app using the Lovense Lush. There’s a feature that uses music on your phone to modulate the vibration patterns, and it was incredible to watch her ride one of our favorite songs we used to dance to at parties in college take her over the falls. It was quite hot. But after watching her enjoy all that tech, I was kind of jealous. The Lovense Lush might be strong enough for a guy, but it was definitely designed for a woman’s anatomy. But the REMOJI just might make it a real couple’s party if there’s a vibe for both connected to the app.

REMOJI Blow Hole

A close look at the PicoBong REMOJI Blow Hole, an app-controlled vibrator for guys. Silly name, but woo-hoo nonetheless!

Keep your eyes on this product line, ladies and gentleman. They claim that their mission is to create the “funnest, colorfulest, sex toy remote control app”. If that means making it just as fun for the guys as it is for the girls, they may have a break-through product. We’ll see. We hope to get our hands on their full line once it’s available.

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