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Ways to meet someone new

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Single? Don’t stress over trying to meet someone. It’s all in where you look. Here are some fun ways to meet someone today.

Enroll in dance classes

Maybe you don’t think dancing is your thing, and it may very well not be, but that doesn’t matter. Guys—women like to dance, so we had you in mind when we picked this one. If you like women, you better learn to like dancing. Enroll in dance classes today and you will meet women. Fun women. Women who are ready to go out and try out new dance moves. Be ready. Dancing is a partner activity, so you will quite likely be pairing up, holding hands, and swinging partners left and right from the very start. But ladies—don’t discount this idea just because dance classes might be attended by a few more women than men. Not only will the men that you meet be on their way to being decent dance partners, one of the best ways to meet a nice guy is through a female friend who can vouch for the guy.


If volunteering wasn’t rewarding enough, it’s also a great way to meet a potential mate with similar interests. Gravitate towards your passions and you’ll be more likely to meet like-minded people with whom you’ll have an easier time striking up a conversation. (No bad pickup lines required.) And remember, there are volunteer opportunities beyond the local soup kitchen. Music and film festivals, marathons, animal shelters, and children’s museums, and political events help connect people with similar passions.

Wine tasting events

If you thought liquid courage for chatting it up with with a stranger was only served up at bars, you’ve been missing out. With every wine you taste, there is another reason to talk to someone. Ask what they think about the wine itself, thoughts on food pairings, and if you feel a vibe, maybe even suggest a date to a restaurant which serves a great dish that would go perfect with the wine in your hand. See how it works?


Lots of singles travel solo these days, especially when you’re talking about outdoor and adventure tours. There are tons of opportunities to strike up conversations and get to know fellow travelers. And even if there are no sparks between you and your fellow adventurers, be open to meeting a wingman (or wingwoman…winglady…uh, we aren’t sure) with whom you can go mingle with the locals in the evenings. There is something about being on vacation in a place far away from your home turf that makes it easier to just strike up conversations with strangers. Search for travel companies that cater to solo travelers in your age group. Intrepid Travel is a good place to start.

Dog Park (maybe)

If you are a “dog person” or are cool with dating a dog person (you can offer to take your friend’s dog to the dog park if you don’t happen to have a dog yourself), dog parks can be another great place to meet people. This one can be a little trickier than some people might think though. If your dog isn’t well trained, is rude, and you appear to have no control over him, you and your out-of-control pooch will repel people at the dog park. But if you have calm control over your dog, you’ll gain a lot of admiration and interest.

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