Charlotte and Gaz, creators of KNKY sex toys.

UK celebrity couple launches crowdfunding campaign for KNKY—a line of his and hers heated sex toys

A pair of British reality show stars have launched a crowdfunding campaign on to bring their sex toy designs to market. The brand, KNKY, will be a line of premium high-tech sex toys for both women and men that, among other things, are self-warming and connected to apps. The company is calling their products “sex toys for the Tinder generation”.

“KNKY is the world’s first his and hers heated interactive vibrator range—controllable from a smart phone and able to connect people remotely—wherever they are in the world,” says a press release posted on the KNKY site.

KNKY toys

KNKY—a proposed premium line of high-tech heated sex toys for both guys and girls.

The proposed colorful designs so far include six toys, three for guys, two for women, and one for both men and women, and prices range from £65 to £110 ($102 to $172 US). The guy toys are masturbation sleeves that feature different types of motion, vibrations, and textures, while the female toys (including the couples toy) are variations of vibrators. Each has its own unique name, “Twister”, “Tempest”, and “Good Egg” for the guys; “Monalisa” and “Free Agent” for the girls; and “Wanderlust”, which is designed for guys and girls. All designs are heated, “in response to research and demand,” according to the press release, and all will be connected to apps for playing with partners.

“We wanted to connect the world in a more unique way with the smart vibe range. Once connected, users can engage with each other via chat and vibe control or via video chat. Those going solo can use the control panel to manually control every function, or purchase add-ons and programmes to enhance the experience and make it different every time,” said the development team.

KNKY app.

The KNKY app will allow couples to interact and use their sex toys together.

“The KNKY app will hold the user profile, private contact list and list of connected devices, creating a network like no other.”

KNKY app

The app will store your network of partners with whom you can “play” with.

KNKY was created by Gary Beadle (“Gaz”) and Chrlotte Cosby, an on again/off again couple who appear in a UK MTV equivalent to America’s Jersey Shore named Geordie Shore.

If you want one of these toys, you’ll have to wait until production begins. According to their IndieGoGo page, the target in-market date is February 2015. People who are interested can contribute to KNKY’s campaign at various levels via IndieGoGo and, once production happens, contributors will be among the first to get one. As of November 28, the campaign, which appears to be only 10 days old, had raised 1% of their £100,000 ($157,064 US) goal.

KNKY website:

KNKY IndieGoGo campaign page:

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