Do Fleshlight Girls sleeves feel different from generic pink sleeves?

Technically…no. However, don’t underestimate how much visual stimulation can amplify what you feel physically.

AKA the case of Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya

For some guys, the appearance of a Fleshlight is a big part of the appeal—its anatomical resemblance inspires, arouses, and feeds fantasies, which in turn amplifies what is felt physically. But what if you are motivated primarily by the desire to experience new and exciting sensations? If the appearance isn’t so important, is there any reason to choose a Girls series sleeve if the textures are the same?

I’ve always been in the second group—I just need the design to not be a turn-off. In fact, I’ve mostly shied away from sex toys that are any more realistic-looking than the generic pink Fleshlights because the more realistic ones have always seemed a little too serious. (Or maybe it’s that I’m afraid it would make me look like I am taking a sex toy a little too seriously.) Nevertheless, I’ve remained curious if I’ve been missing out on anything by sticking with the generic pinks.

A visual enhancement isn’t what I’ve been searching for, but whether I was searching for it or not, it found me…and it had my attention.

I’ve read a variety of opinions and guesses. Some claim they’re made of the exact same material and should feel the same, while others swear that the Girls/Boys material is softer and higher quality. I was determined to figure this one out first-hand, but in order to do a real comparison, I would need the textures to be exactly the same. It just so happens that the next Fleshlight texture on my list to try was the Destroya, which is available as both the original Stoya Destroya Girls series signature model and as a generic pink sleeve. So, I ordered one of each, plus a bandana to use as a blindfold.

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I’m not really going to go into the details of the Destroya sensation itself, but instead I’ll focus entirely on how the two materials compare. You can read my review of the Destroya/Stoya Destroya texture here, but in a word: tight.

A few notes on appearance

Although the focus of this article is on whether or not these actually feel any different, we might as well talk about the difference in design and color while we have the opportunity here—while they’re both still brand new, clean, unused and photogenic.

Destroya and Stoya Destroya Fleshglights in shipping cartons.

Vulva from anotha’ mutha—the packaged pink Destroya on the left, the Girls series Stoya Destroya in its package on the right.

The photos, which I’ve tried to color-correct to reflect their real-life appearance as closely as possible, probably do more to illustrate the difference than words can describe. I’m not sure either coloration is really within the range of what I’ve ever seen in in a healthy human. The generic pink sleeve looks like bubblegum and the Girls Stoya sleeve reminds me of peach yogurt. Reality, for anglo skin tones at least, exists somewhere in between the two.

Pink generic Fleshlight sleeve in a black case, Girls series Stoya in a pearl white case

Kinda vagina. The generic pink sleeves look like bubblegum, the Girls series looks more like peach.

As far as anatomical details go, the generic pink design sort of represents the idea of what a vagina looks like. The simple symmetrical labia almost seemed optimized for functionality—to guide inward, and the representation of the clitoris could have been pulled from a sex education textbook. That’s not necessarily a bad thing—as if this toy could be a tool of learning. “Look guys, this is where the clitoris is located. Learn how to find it in the dark and you will go far in love and life.”

The Girls series Stoya Destroya, on the other hand, is a dose of reality in comparison. I’m not going to go into examining intimate pictures of Stoya to see how close it really is, but it is obviously more organic and natural-looking. Although I mostly prefer that a sex toy not try too hard to look realistic, I have to admit that once I had the two of them sitting in front of me for real, I was feeling both mentally and physically more enticed by the Girls Stoya model.

Given how I’m responding to the more realistic Girls model, I’m already beginning to suspect that the appearance of the Girls series contributes at least a little something to the perception that they are somehow nicer and softer than the standard ones. On with the testing…

Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya: Blindfolded touch test

My first test was limited to seeing if I could detect any difference in the material just by feeling it with my hands. (Pants stayed on for this one.)

fleshlight stoya destroya vs pink lady destroya blindfold comparison

This is the stupidest fucking photo I’ve ever uploaded here.

I sat cross-legged on the bed, took both sleeves out of their cases and put them on a clean towel in front of me. I closed my eyes, grabbed either end of the towel, and tumbled the sleeves around in order to scramble their positions. Then, I set the towel back down and just felt the surface qualities and weight of each sleeve. I was careful to avoid touching the actual entries because I knew that I would definitely be able to feel the anatomical differences with my fingers. After 20 or so seconds of fondling the sleeves individually and together with one in each hand, I would take a shot at trying to identify which was the Girls sleeve and which was the generic before opening my eyes to see if I was right.

I repeated this about ten times, and each time it was a total guess. Out of those times I was wrong six, the other times it was just luck. To me, they felt absolutely the same in my hands.

Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya Round 1: one at a time, blindfolded

Once they both warmed up, they felt like the exact same Fleshlight.

This was a lot of fun.

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Girls series vs. generic pink Destroya sleeve

Honestly…running out of ideas for photos. You don’t want to see what this test really looked like. I don’t. So this is a lame representation.

I set myself up on the bed again (no pants this time) with the sleeves in their cases in front of me, and both me and the Fleshlights pre-lubed so that I wouldn’t have to try to mess with that aspect of things once the “testing” was underway. (Been there and done that mess while trying out the Fleshlight Launch with a VR headset…lube everywhere.) I put on a blindfold to help keep myself from accidentally peeking during a moment of weakness, tumbled the dueling Destroyas until I had no idea which was which, selected one at random, leaned back, and got after it.

I spent about a minute just getting into it and enjoying whichever one I had selected. Then I put that one down, picked up the other one, started using it and tried to detect any difference in the feeling. One thing I hadn’t thought about was the fact that the second one would not have warmed up to my body temperature yet, so when I switched, there was a noticeable difference in temperature that I was going to have to look past. However, once Destroya #2 warmed up a bit and I switched back to Destroya #1, which had lost surprisingly little warmth, I felt no distinct difference. It felt pretty much the same as if I was using only one Fleshlight and I took a brief pause.

I swapped back and forth a few times, taking a full pause to put the first one down and pick up the second, unaware of which one I was using, but knowing that I was alternating between the two each time I switched.

Round 1 verdict: they felt the same.

I felt no difference entering the sleeves, no difference in the softness of the material, no difference in the volume of stimulation or the texture. Once they both warmed up, they felt like the exact same Fleshlight.

Stoya Destroya vs Destroya Round 2: no blindfold

I just started “going there” mentally and picking up traction towards a climax…

I thought my blindfold test was a great idea, but then I started to wonder if it was entirely fair. Maybe it was a little unnatural to use a Fleshlight without looking at what I was doing. (You’re probably thinking, “dude, there is nothing natural about what you are doing”. Maybe so, but you’re the one who searched for this kind of thing so let’s not judge each other right now, okay? Anyway…) I decided to take off the blindfold and repeat the same A/B test, but while being aware of which one I was feeling so that maybe I could have a better shot at guessing which one was which when I tried the blindfold again.

Fleshlight Girls series Stoya Destroya in a Pearl White case

I had the generic pink Destroya in a black case and the Stoya Destroya in a Pearl White case—the customary and designated Girls case design. With a clear visual, I started out with the generic pink Destroya, and it again felt like I was just picking back up where I left off when blindfolded.

This would be a good time to add in this side-note from the full In Bed Destroya sleeve review because I need to tell you this in order to better describe what happened next:

Side note: Destroyas turned out to be the perfect sleeve for this test

As I wrote in my full review of the Destroya Fleshlight texture, I found both versions—the Stoya Destroya and the generic pink Destroya—to be the tightest sleeves I’ve ever tried. They were so tight that I actually didn’t feel as much sensation from the texture as I do in most other sleeves. I described it as being like sitting too close to the screen at a movie theater—everything is so big that it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Consequently, the Destroya was extremely slow to bring about an orgasm. At first I was a little bit disappointed. Based on the Destroya hype, I was expecting to be blown away, but this also meant that I finally had a Fleshlight that I considered good for edging. If I had been trying two Mini Lotuses or two Vortexes for this Girls vs. generic pink shootout, I wouldn’t have been able to last long enough to do multiple rounds of comparisons. So while I was enjoying this comparison exercise, so far I wasn’t in any danger of going beyond the point of no return and cutting this critical test short.

So far…

After 30 seconds of enjoying the generic pink Destroya in the black case, I swapped it for the Stoya Destroya in the white case. At first it immediately felt like I was just picking back up again with the Destroya in the black case, but this time I was watching the action and a difference began to emerge—I was starting to get that feeling…the feeling of building up a charge—each stroke seeming to feel more intesnely pleasurable than the one before it.

I went from “oh, this is nice”, to “oh yeah…”

It wasn’t any particular physical difference that I could identify. It wasn’t like when I was testing the Destroya for the texture review and, out of frustration with the vagueness, I tried a Vortex during the same session and suddenly I was feeling so much of the Vortex texture that I was about to cum. The Stoya Destroya neither discernibly softer, nor could I feel the texture any better than the generic one. Instead, I was picking up traction simply because I was suddenly getting more into it with the Stoya due to the added visual. My mind started going places and, for a few seconds, I forgot I was revewing a sex toy.

I swapped back and forth a few times, and each time it was the same. The physical sensations were identical, but whenever it was the Stoya Destroya, as long as I was watching the action—observing myself going into it and seeing it wrapped around me, I just started “going there” mentally and picking up traction towards a climax.

Round 2 verdict: the visual engagement of the Stoya Destroya does make a difference

As I wrote at the start of this, my interest in sex toys has always primarily stemmed from a simple curiosity about what different things might feel like—a penis being something kind of like a tongue in the way that it can discern texture and movement—as if there were different “flavors” of pleasure (and yes, there are). I haven’t often thought of adult toys as a stand-in for “the real thing” but rather just kind of their own thing in addition to the real thing. Sure, I do sometimes slip into a fantasy or memory, but with some exceptions, a visual enhancement isn’t what I’ve been searching for, but whether I was searching for it or not, it found me…and it had my attention.

I went from “this is nice”, to “oh yeah…I am fucking a new woman,” and watching every move. Suddenly I was having to back off or else this comparison session was going to be over quick. “Well duh,” you may be thinking, but for me this really was an interesting experience. Will this convert me to wanting more Girls series Fleshlights or more realistic-looking toys? I don’t know…maybe more on that later. Right now, let’s get back to the games. Back to the blindfolds.

Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya Round 3: selected at random, one at a time, blindfolded

…out of the ten times I tried this, I guessed wrong six times…

I decided to try another blindfold test like the first one to see if spending some time feeling them while actually seeing them in action would help me be able to tell them apart purely based on how they felt. But this time, instead of starting with one and then knowing with each swap that I was using the other one, I put the lids on, mixed them up by tumbling them around on the towel before selecting one randomly. After 10-15 seconds of use, I’d try to guess which one I was feeling and then I’d peek out from under the blindfold to see if I was right or wrong.

Round 3 verdict: I couldn’t tell one from the other based entirely on sensation

I repeated this process about ten times and once again the two of them felt equal. A couple of times I thought I was pretty sure I was using the Stoya Destroya, but out of the ten times I tried this, I guessed wrong six times and I was wrong both times that I thought I was probably using the Stoya.

I began to wonder if there was a flaw in the way that I was pausing between each one. Maybe if I went immediately from one to the other with minimal pause, I’d be able to perceive a difference. So, I came up with one final test…

Stoya Destroya vs. Destroya Round 4: randomized, used at the same time, blindfolded

Every time thought I knew which was which, it turned out to be a 50/50 guess.

Instead of trying one, then putting it down and pausing to scramble them up before selecting one to try again, I decided I would scramble them (blindfolded), pick up both—one in each hand, and alternate back and forth.

Fleshlight girls vs generic pink sleeves animated

I’d do a few strokes with one, then a few strokes with the other, sometimes a single stroke with each, and so on before peeking from under the blindfold to see if had correctly guessed which was which. Then, I’d put them down, scramble them up again and repeat the process.

With this test I was particularly interested to find out if I could feel any difference in the initial entry since other than color, the entry was the one obvious design difference between the two. The generic pink entry seemed like it would offer less resistance and less sensation because it appears longer and more designed to guide you in, whereas the Stoya entry appears more restrictive, shorter, and more textured. In some of the back and forth, I would do one quick entry with one Fleshlight—just down past the head of my penis, and then a quick entry with the other, going down the same length. I’d do this one after the other fairly quickly, as if I was pulling off and then going back down again with the same Fleshlight.

After trying this, scrambling them, and trying again another ten times, I had even less luck guessing which one I was feeling—guessing wrong seven out of the ten times! There was zero difference to me.

Round 4 verdict: even with a different Destroya Fleshlight in each hand, I felt no difference.

Surprisingly I couldn’t feel any difference between the entries any more than I could feel a difference in the softness of the material or the texture, even when I was feeling one right after the other with practically no pause in between feeling them. Every time thought I knew which was which, it turned out to be a 50/50 guess.

Conclusion: they feel exactly the same, but the visuals might add excitement

The Girls’ Stoya Destroya gave me a little sump’m-sump’m extra that I didn’t even know I wanted.

I repeated this series of tests three times total on three different days, all with the same general result of not being able to tell one from the other with a blindfold on, and also enjoying a little something extra from the Destroya when the blindfold was off. At this point, I feel pretty conclusive that—for me, anyway—there is absolutely no difference between how the Girls series Fleshlight sleeves and the generic pink Fleshlight sleeves feel. They are likely the exact same material but with different entry moldings and different coloration, and they feel exactly the same in terms of physical stimulation and experience.

However, there is also no mistaking the extra bit of excitement and immersiveness that I felt when I was using the Stoya Destroya without the blindfold. I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t looking for it, but it drew my in mentally and it gave me a little sump’m-sump’m extra that made me believe that I was feeling something just a little sweeter.

Is a Girls series Fleshlight sleeve worth an extra $10?

Assuming you like the visual appearance and you don’t feel more self-conscious about owning a toy that is less toy-like and more anatomically intense, then yes, I think they’re easily worth an extra $10. Just know that what you are paying for is a little extra mental excitement that enhances what would otherwise technically be the exact same sensation.

I think it’s also worth noting that there are a ton of textures that are available exclusively with the Girls series. Even if the appearance doesn’t do much for you—even if you’re just seeking variety, there’s a lot of new sensations to explore in the Girls series that you can’t get with the generic pink sleeves.

Are you missing out on anything if you feel more comfortable with a less realistic model?

Then again, don’t be stressed by FOMO—the fear of missing out. If you’re just more comfortable with a less anatomically exact sex toy—perhaps you’re shopping for your first one and a realistic one just feels a little intense and risky (that was me at one point), you aren’t getting any less luxury or any less of an enhanced sensation by choosing a generic pink sleeve over a Girls series sleeve—or even something more nondescript such as the Pure entry on the STU. The material is just as soft and spoiling, and the textures are still exciting. Just close your eyes and let yourself enjoy, or watch the action and appreciate it for what it is. Sometimes feeling good is exciting in and of itself.

I’ve gone several years reviewing everything except the Girls series and although the Girls series opens up some new possibilities, I’ve enjoyed everything else too much to feel like I’ve missed out on anything.

And finally, if you’re considering either Destroya sleeve, give the full In Bed Destroya Fleshlight sleeve review a look. Although it turned out to be a great sleeve for this comparison due to the fact that the textures are the same and that I was able to edge with them, I generally felt like the Destroya texture was too tight and thus a little vague. If you want a Fleshlight with more wow factor, or even more realism, I have some alternate recommendations.

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