Destroya and Stoya Destroya Fleshlights

Destroya/Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

After trying my first couple of Fleshlights a few years ago, I quickly developed a short bucket list of other models that I wanted to try someday. This will probably happen to you too, if it hasn’t already. Afterall, one of the great things about Fleshlights is that they enable you to discover new and exciting sensations. As there is probably no Fleshlight historically more lauded, praised, and recommended than models featuring the texture known as “Destroya”, the Destroya has been sitting at the very top of my must-try list for a while now. Among Fleshlight connoisseurs (yes, they exist—and I fear I may be one of them at this point) and lurking noobs alike, the Destroya is practically legendary.

But that’s not all. The Destroya texture was originally introduced as exclusive to the Stoya Destroya Girls Series Fleshlight, the entry of which was modeled after adult film star herself, but was later added to the list of textures that were available in the generic pink sleeves that you can buy a la carte or via the the Build Your Own configurator. Since then, buyers have been left to wonder if the difference is cosmetic or if they actually feel distinct.

To make sure I’m covering all the bases, I ordered both the generic and the Girls series sleeves. In this article I’m just going to focus on the sensation and experience of the two Destroyas in general, but in a separate article I tell an absurd tale of blindfolding myself and trying to find out once and for all if the Fleshlight Girls sleeves feel different from the generic pink sleeves.

Ordering and configuration

I’ve already got plenty of cases from past orders, so for this exploration I did my first ever sleeve-only order from and saved $40 total vs. buying the full case/sleeve combo. Here’s where to order the Girls sleeves without cases and here’s where to order the regular pink sleeves sans case.

Destroya and Stoya Destroya Fleshglights in shipping cartons.

Vulva from anotha’ mutha—the packaged pink Destroya on the left, the Girls series Stoya Destroya in its package on the right.

Pro-tip: keep the plastic cartons the sleeves are shipped in. You can use them to hold extra sleeves while others are doing rotation in your case(s).

As with all other product reviews, I purchased these products as an individual with my own money. This isn’t a situation where they sent me a free product and now I feel obligated to say something great about it.

Some context about who is doing this review

Sometimes when I read a review of a product of this nature, I have no idea whether the author is reviewing the first sex toy they’ve ever tried, if they’ve even ever had sex, or if they’re the king of hardcore kink. To help you decide whether or not I might be qualified to suggest what might or might not feel good to YOU, here’s a bit about me. First, I get sex fairly regularly—1-2 times a week, so I’m no stranger to what that kind of baseline sweetness is all about. I’ve also been semi-methodically (and impulsively) trying out Fleshlights for several years. Here is my embarrassingly long list with links to some of my other In Bed reviews: Original (no texture), Wonder Wave, Lotus (Girls Series), Mini Lotus, Vortex, Ice (Crystal), STU, Go Surge, Go Torque, Flight Pilot, Turbo Thrust, Turbo Boost, and both Quickshots. There are guys out there who are further gone than I am, but I guess I’m a pro now—the Doug Demuro of men’s sex toys. God help whoever cleans out my shit when I die. But the 30 pounds worth of fuck-toys sacked away in my closet aside, I’m otherwise pretty vanilla. (Ironically I don’t even own a cock ring…yet.)

And as far as intimate stats go, I’m pretty much average in all the ways—and this will be important to note in a few paragraphs when I describe tightness—I’m just under 6” in length and 5.5” in circumference.

Sensations—finally, I get to feel the Stoya Destroya

I chose to go with the Girls series Stoya Destroya sleeve first, and I don’t recall ever being so excited and full of erotic anticipation about a solo sexual experience since trying my first Fleshlight. I’ve literally been reading for years about how intense the Destroya felt, and the interesting fingery design of the texture had really gotten my imagination going since I first saw it. To up the anticipation even more, the last Fleshlight I had tried was the also-popular STU (Stamina Training Unit), which I wasn’t expecting much from but ended up completely surprised and stunned by the intensity of the sensations. If the boring-looking STU felt like THAT, I wondered if the Destroya was going to make me pass out.

Fleshlight Destroya texture from the site.

The Destroya texture cross-section, as shown on the site.

Inside the Fleshlight Destroya

The reality. (Or, at least as good as I can do without an endoscope, which I do have, but the results are disappointing so far.)

I did all the standard lubing and prep, got super comfortable and relaxed, and was in that state that we all know and love—in anticipation of what I was about to feel. I gently worked the Fleshlight down onto myself and wow…

The Destroya is tighter than any other Fleshlight I’ve tried so far—but is that a good thing?

I wasn’t expecting this, especially given that I am of average size. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for a guy who is thicker. The Destroya has been around for a while and I’ve read a few other reviews, and I don’t recall many accounts of the Destroya being particularly tight, but for me, of the 13 Fleshlights tried so far, the Destroya—both the Girls model and the generic sleeve—seems to be the tightest and grippiest Fleshlight I’ve ever felt. I don’t know if it’s technically true by the measurements—if it’s more the density of the texture than the canal tightness, or if it’s just the way I’m feeling it, but it’s distinctly tighter than even the compact Go Surge, which was previously the tightest I had tried. Sounds nice?

Well, hold on second—yeah, I’d always thought “the tighter the better”, but that was until I felt this. It turns out that for me, anyway, there is a such thing as too tight. However, it’s not so much that it’s an unpleasant tightness—it’s not uncomfortable or painful (with enough lube), but the issue for me is that it causes the sleeve to feel vague. (Have I reached the pinnacle of first-world problems here or what? For fuck sake, just listen to this whining. Sad.)

Good, but not great

It’s like the texture is so smushed up against my penis that I can’t perceive much variation from one spot to the next—like you’re sitting so close to the movie screen that you can’t actually see what’s happening. And then there’s the lube—too much lube in a Fleshlight, as with sex, smooths things out to the point that you don’t feel as much pleasing friction, but due to the Destroya’s tightness, I have to apply more lube than normal in order to keep it from being uncomfortable. I just can’t feel as much magic happening as I do with some other Fleshlights and I never really begin to feel the distinct characteristics of the texture. Whereas with the STU I was able to write several paragraphs detailing the sensations and the effects of the texture, I just can’t extract much to write about the Destroya, even after dozens and dozens of uses spanning over eight months. It feels nice—not amazing, just nice, and there’s just not much of anything unique for me to talk about or describe.

At one point I tried switching back and forth, during the same session, with a Vortex in another case. The difference in what I could feel and the volume of pleasure I was getting from the Vortex, with its just-right tightness and zig-zagging texture, was significant. I was getting such little traction from the Destroya, but as soon as I switched to the Vortex, my whole lower body started lighting up and I was suddenly surging towards the point of no return. When I returned to the Destroya—it felt dull and thick in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, the Destroya is effective enough and still more entertaining than my hand. It’ll get me off—it takes longer than it normally takes a Fleshlight to get me there and thus it has become one that I’ll use sometimes for a long session, but it doesn’t do it in the grand style that some of the other Fleshlights do. The only time I feel something unique or interesting is if I rotate or spin it while fully inserted, which is a trick the Vortex can also do but much better.

As unbiased and neutral as I try to be about these things before I set out to methodically try a product for an In Bed review, I’ve often already started formulating what I’m going to write before I even unbox it. Between reading other reviews and just my own imagination naturally wanting translate what something looks like into what it might feel like, it’s really hard to avoid. In the case of my STU review, I was prepared to write about how the whole stamina training thing was probably just a marketing gimmick and that, based on my impressions of what the texture looks like, it was probably a boring sleeve. In that case, I realized within the first few seconds I was wrong in every way—it was the most intense sleeve I’d ever tried and stamina training is no joke.

The same thing has happened with the Destroya—the reality has turned out far different than my expectations, but in the opposite way. I just knew all the little nubs were going to feel amazing. Not only had I imagined that they would feel exciting just by looking at them, I had read so many other accounts of the pleasure they caused. I was prepared to experience, as the Destroya product copy promises, “the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss”. Unfortunately I’ve yet to make it into what I’d describe as a “pleasure dome” with this one.

if I had to get rid of some of the inventory I’ve accumulated…the Destroya is among the first I could let go.

To be clear, I HAVE experienced absolute bliss with Fleshlights. The STU, the Go Surge, the Flight Pilot (which some people swear is a mini Destroya), the Mini Lotus, and the Vortex have all given me cumulative hours of sustained pleasure rivaled only by some of the best partnered sex I’ve ever had, but I just can’t get there with the Destroya for some reason.

Different strokes for different folks, or is it experience level?

It’s hard to imagine us all feeling things so differently down there. I still can’t believe that my experience with the Destroya, especially with having tried two of them—both the standard pink and the Girls series—runs counter to so many glowing reviews I’d previously read. Obviously there is some truth to the saying, “different strokes for different folks”, which I’m sure I’ve referenced in other articles because this is such a remarkably literal scenario. Results. May. Vary.

But I can’t help but wonder what this review would have been like if the Destroya had been my first Fleshlight ever, or if not only was it my first Fleshlight, but if I had never even felt anything more pleasing than my own hand…if I was sexually inexperienced. Vagueness or no vagueness, would I have raved about it just because it was more exciting than jerking off? Probably.

But here I am, practically going pro after 13 Fleshlights, plus some other products, and if I had to get rid of some of the inventory I’ve accumulated so far (which, really…I really should), the Destroya is among the first I could let go. If I didn’t have experience with any others, I’d probably be pretty satisfied just to have something nicer than my hand, but once you’ve had something great, it’s hard to go backwards.

Verdict and recommendations

I realize my account might be lukewarm enough to send you back to start over in your search. You’ve probably read some other reviews, just like I did, raving about the Destroya and now you’re left feeling a little unsure. Sorry for that. This is honestly my first underwhelming experience with a Fleshlight aside from the original smooth non-textured.

Whether you’re trying to choose your very first Fleshlight or your fifth, unless the idea of tightness is more enticing than being able to feel the distinct qualities of the texture, or unless you’re perhaps a little less girthy than average, I think you’ll feel more thrills per dollar with a number of other sleeves.

If you’re looking for your first Fleshlight, of the ones in my “research collection”, if I had to get rid of all but one, the one that I would keep would be the comparatively boring-looking Mini Lotus. It looks simple, but to me it continues to feel like perfection. In fact, I took a break from it for a couple of months in order to focus on this review and when I went back to it for the first time today, it felt so exciting—especially feeling the little inverted squeezy section called the “Lotus blossom”—that I was past the finish line in just over a minute. Craving even more of it, I used it again the next day…twice. I’ve had the Mini Lotus for four years and I’d have expected to be bored with it by now but it’s still my favorite. It’s kind of a natural/enhanced sensation—it can feel either sex-like or beyond sex-like depending on how aggressively you move it. (If you need it with a case, use the Build Your Own tool and select the Mini Lotus texture.)

If you’re looking for the next step up in intensity, if I was going to keep only one special super-enhanced model—something that delivers a volume of sensation beyond what you would normally feel during sex (as sort of an occasional treat), it would be the STU, aka the Stamina Training Unit. As I wrote in my full review of the STU, it’s like a wall of pleasure. Second choice would be the Go Surge. It’s a compact model, but if you’re average-size, it should be perfectly grippy and snug. To me, it feels kind of like having sex without a condom for the first time ever, but over and over again as if you’ve never felt it before.

And finally, if you’re still really interested in trying to feel what you might have imagined the Destroya would feel like, many others have claimed that the Flight Pilot is just a down-sized version of the Destroya texture design. Visually that would appear to be true. Ironically, though it’s significantly more compact, I find the Flight Pilot to be the perfect fit for me compared to the nearly too-tight Destroya, and it so maybe it is because the texture has room to work its magic on all the right spots that I feel a whole lot more with the Flight. In fact, although the Mini Lotus is the last Fleshlight I’d give up, the Flight Pilot is probably the one that I use most often because it’s the best balance of convenience and enhanced sensation. It not only feels really really good, but it’s easy to handle, quick to clean, fastest to dry, and very stashable. Assuming you’re less than 6.5” long, the only thing you’d be missing out on is the anatomical entry design, which I don’t care too much about most of the time.

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