Fleslight Go Surge and Ice

Fleshlight Go vs. Regular Fleshlight


An above average thrill for the average guy.

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After working on our first Fleshlight deep-dive article, I came away thinking that the full-size Fleshlight’s relatively massive size and hefty weight are, at the same time, two of its great features and two of its weaknesses. On the one hand, the mass makes it feel substantial and high quality. Even more importantly, it effectively isolates your hand from the source of stimulation—a big component of the Fleshlight magic—making solo activities feel mentally and physically more exciting in a way that a solo experience typically does not. On the other hand, the full-size Fleshlight is honkin’. At 10-inches and nearly 1.5 lbs., it’s hard to hide (if that’s a concern), it takes quite a while for the inside to dry after cleaning, and the sheer size of it can make it a little awkward for partner play.

It’s also worth noting that for the vast majority of us guys (90%) who are around textbook average penis size—between 4 and 6.3-inches, the final 4 to 5 inches of the 10-inch full-size Fleshlight goes underutilized and unappreciated. So why all the awkward bulk when most of us only need maybe 5 or 6-inches? It seems Fleshlight (and perhaps enough of their customers) have asked the same question, and the answer may be the new Fleshlight Go—a more compact version of the same wildly popular male sex toy that has made the name “Fleshlight” known.

90% of guys are between 4 and 6.3-inches long.—Men’s Health

New to Fleshlights?
Check out our original Fleshlight Deep-Dive article >

A little less length.
A little less weight.
A little less money.
A lot fewer texture and entry options (so far)

Fleshlight Go. vs. Regular Fleshlight

Will you fit? Left to right: The full-size Fleshlight Ice, the new Fleshlight Go Ice “Torque”, a full-size Fleshlight with the Vortex texture, and a new Fleshlight Go with the “Surge” texture.

A look at the numbers:

Fleshlight Fleshlight Go
Case Length: 10″ 8.5″
Sleeve Length: 9″ 7.5″
Case Entry width: 3.5″ 3″
Case End width: 2.25″ 2″
Weight: 1lb 6oz. < 1 lb.
Price: $69.95* $58.95*

* Price at the time of this posting.
Check current prices and sales ▶

The Fleshlight Go is available as two different models as of its introduction in July 2015: a Fleshlight Go “Pink Lady”, which looks just like a downsized version their original cartoon-pink-vagina-in-a-tube full-size Fleshlight, and the Fleshlight Go Ice, a smaller version of their regular full-size see-through Ice Fleshlight but with a generic happy hole entry they call “Pure” (as opposed to any sort of anatomical likeness).

Only a little cheaper, but that’s okay because it doesn’t feel cheaper and there’s almost enough change left over for lube.

Each Fleshlight Go set us back $58.95*, which is just $11 less than the $69.95 price of each full-size regular Fleshlight. (Be sure to check the latest price on the site though. We don’t usually come back and update prices but sometimes prices do change and sales happen.) So, although it looks like the Fleshlight Go isn’t exactly a budget Fleshlight, the price difference is almost enough to cover the $11.95 cost of a 4oz. bottle of the excellent Fleshlight-branded Fleshlube water-based lubricant—and getting some isn’t a bad idea. So, at least there’s that. (And yes, we included some with our order.)

Full-size vs. Fleshlight Go pink lady vagina entries.

Does size matter?Actually, the difference in snugness is pretty slight. 3.5-inch full-size “pink lady” Fleshlight entry vs. 3″ Fleshlight Go Surge “pink lady” entry.

Full-size see-through Fleshlight Ice vs. more compact Fleshlight Go Ice Torque

3.5-inch full-size Fleshlight Ice with the “pure” (nondescript happy hole) entry vs. 3″ Fleshlight Go Ice Torque with the only available entry…also a generic happy hole.

One of the original full-size Fleshlight’s acclaimed features is the enormous variety of texture options (see step 3), each creating a unique and different type of sensation (sort of like pleasure flavors). So far though, each of the two Fleshlight Go models is only available with its own single special texture. Likewise, they’re each only available with one entry option. That may be a small disappointment to some who have been hoping for smaller versions of the entire Fleshlight catalog of thrills, but as I’ll elaborate when we get to the section on what these models feel like, neither of these two textures really left me wishing for more. (We’ll keep an eye out to see if the texture selection expands though.)

Impression out of the box: a right-sized Fleshlight

…but if you’re packing more than 7.5-inches, this probably isn’t your Fleshlight.

Full size Fleshlight next to a Fleshlight Go.

Another shot of the Full-size regular Fleshlight (Vortex sleeve inside) next to the new, more compact, Fleshlight Go Surge. In retrospect, I should have put some other object in the photo for scale. Any suggestions?

Flashing back to the original full-size Fleshlight review, I remember a slight sense of shock the first time I saw the size of the original Fleshlight in person. “Where the f*ck am I going to hide this thing when company comes over?” I immediately thought. In fact, the size itself is part of the embarrassment factor. It’s not so much simply that it was a sex toy (it’s 2015, doesn’t everyone have at least one these days)—but it’s so huge, it comes off as a very ambitious sex toy (for lack of a better word). The Fleshlight: 10-inches long. Me: just under 6-inches long. “Who the hell do you think you’re fooling,” said every sex partner I’ve ever had.

Fleshlight Ice Pure next to Fleshlight Go Ice Torque

Fleshlight Ice (L) vs. Fleshlight Go Ice Torque (R).

The Fleshlight Go, on the other hand, looks and feels like it was “right-sized” for me (and most guys). It somehow makes a Fleshlight seem more approachable and commonplace—not only physically scaled right for an “average sized” guy, but maybe even more socially comfortable because it’s not so much honkin’ huge sex toy in your face. Yet, for all the length and weight that it has dropped, it still has enough mass to make it feel solid and substantial. The Fleshlight Go is all the Fleshlight goodness, but scaled down without any initial apparent decrease in quality.

Fleshlight Go Surge vs. Full-size Fleshlight Vortex, size compared in-hand.

A more flashlight-like Fleshlight? The Fleshlight Go (right), unlike the original Fleshlight (left), actually is about the size of an actual flashlight. Hope nobody stumbles upon these out when the lights go out.

In the hand it feels balanced, nicely weighted, and comfortably scaled. If I had never held a regular full-sized Fleshlight in my hand, it would never have occurred to me that there would ever be a need for a bigger one and I probably wouldn’t even think of it as being compact. Then again, if I was blessed with a couple more inches, I might look at Fleshlight Go and think, “yeah, that’s not going to work”. It probably goes without saying, but if you happen to be above average (above 6.3-inches), or if you’re particularly girthy down there, you’ll probably be more comfortable in one of the 100+ full-size Fleshlight options. But if you can fit, the Fleshlight Go’s compact size gives it a few distinct advantages.

Four reasons you might want the Fleshlight Go instead of the regular Fleshlight

Let’s just jump in and hit the high points about both the new Fleshlight Go models. After spending some time with both the Fleshlight Go models and comparing them to some full-size Fleshlight models from the original review, I found some very compelling reasons to go with the Go:

1. The Fleshlight Go is more discreet than the full-size Fleshlight.

I didn’t think a half-inch difference in the width and a 2.5-inch difference in the length would make such a difference in the ease with which they can be stored/hidden, but there are drawers in my closet that the Fleshlight Go will fit into but a full-size Fleshlight won’t (especially with a few pairs of underwear stacked on top to make sure it’s not accidently stumbled upon by anyone who shouldn’t be in my underwear drawer in the first place). Likewise, if it’s just sitting on a shelf in the closet, it’s a little easier to overlook than the big 10-inch Feshlight. As I wrote in the original Fleshlight review, nobody is going to mistake a full-size Fleshlight for a flashlight. With the black Fleshlight Go however, it’s a real possibility (though, not sure if that’s really a good thing or a bad thing when the lights suddenly go out).

The Fleshlight company markets the Fleshlight Go as being “for the man on the Go”. I’ve never traveled anywhere with a Fleshlight, but if I did, the Go would definitely be the better option compared to the big Fleshlight. Though, in terms of discrete, tasteful design, the differently designed but equally compact Fleshlight Flight is still more discrete than the Fleshlight Go, partially because the shape isn’t as widely recognized as the classic Fleshlight shape. So, if I ever did leave the house with a Fleshlight for some reason, the Flight would be my choice.

See also: Fleshlight Go vs. Fleshlight Flight

2. The Fleshlight Go (Surge) is easier to clean and faster to dry than the full-size Fleshlight.

Once the post-orgasmic afterglow dies down, it can seem like the same Fleshlight that just served you up 10 minutes of pure indulgent sexual bliss without asking anything in return suddenly becomes just another mess to clean up. (Oh wait…I guess it does need something in return after all.) In the original Fleshlight review, the cleanup and, to a greater degree, the drying after the cleanup was one of the few downsides to the whole experience. But simply because it is smaller, the Fleshlight Go Surge is just a little easier to clean out and more quick to dry than the full-size Fleshlight, meaning you can get it cleaned up and out of sight more swiftly, which in turn means that you’re going to be inclined to use the Fleshlight Go more often than you might otherwise. Though, if you want something that dries even more quickly, I’ve found the Fleshlight Flight to be the quickest to dry so far.

Note that I’ve called out the Surge up there. The Fleshlight Go Ice is another story when it comes to drying. Whereas the Surge was dry within a couple of hours sitting out near a ceiling fan, the Fleshlight Go Ice took over 48 hours to dry in the same location.

3. The Fleshlight Go is far more practical for partner play.

For it just being you and you alone, a Fleshlight provides a remarkably satisfying experience compared to your own hand, but a Fleshlight in the hands of a giving partner takes on an entirely different dimension. (And I’ve read that from the giving partner’s perspective, it can be like giving a handjob but with superpowers—the Fleshlight does most of the work.) We really can’t stress enough how amazing it can be to incorporate toys into mutual pleasure with a partner, and the more compact size of the Fleshlight Go makes it much easier to do exactly that. Over the course of writing doing this article, I had the extreme pleasure of being on the receiving end of a couple of Fleshlight Go-assisted handjobs from my beautiful up-for-whatever wife and In Bed co-editor (one and the same). In her words, “it was so much better than when we tried it with the big Fleshlight. It fits easily in one hand, it’s easier to move, it’s less awkward, and I don’t feel as disconnected from you as I did with the giant Fleshlight.”

Of the two Fleshlight Go models, the Ice is particularly great for partner play. We’ll go into more detail on each of the two models further down.

4. You get to experience a greater range of sensations through the length of the sleeve

This is specifically in contrast to full-size sleeves that evolve and change over the length, such as the Destroya, as opposed to ones like the Wonder Wave which are (delightfully) repetitive. If you’re an average sized guy using a full-size sleeve that offers some completely different textures/sensation in the final half or third of the sleeve, you don’t usually get to experience those sensations at the end (unless you pull the sleeve out and use it without the case). But with the Go (and Flight), all the different sensations will be more within your reach. So, in some ways you’re getting more of your money’s worth if what you value is the depth of sensation, and it’s a difference you can feel. As an average sized guy myself, I sometimes have this mental frustration over “missing out” on some of what the full-size sleeves have to offer, but with the more compact Fleshlights, I have this satisfaction of knowing I’m getting to feel all of it.

Two big reasons why you might still prefer the full-size Fleshlight over the Fleshlight Go

Although the Fleshlight Go has a lot going for it (pun intended) and is really great for people who want something more compact, there are a few areas in which the original Fleshlight is still the better choice.

1. If you’re longer than average (longer than 6.3-inches), the big Fleshlight is probably the right-size Fleshlight for you.

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s easily the most compelling black and white reason to choose the full-size Fleshlight over the Fleshlight Go. Although you might still be able to use a Fleshlight Go without the cap on if don’t mind going past the end of the sleeve, it would be an expensive chance to take, and there’s no returning a Fleshlight if it doesn’t fit.

2. If you want to choose from a wide variety of sensation textures, the full-size Fleshlight is your choice.

Currently, the Fleshlight Go is only available in two models, each with a single texture option. Those two textures feel amazing to me—not realistic, but amazing—but they might not be as appealing to you as some of the others. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the most realistic (sex-like) Fleshlight texture, the Lotus/Mini Lotus, which is a particularly good first Fleshlight and the best choice for curtailing masturbation death grip, is among those textures not available on the Fleshlight Go. We’ll keep an eye out to see if Fleshlight expands the texture offerings on the Go, but until then, the full-size Fleshlight is where it’s at if you want the classic or specialty models.

Explore ▶ textures using Fleshlight.com’s Build-Your-Own page (step 3).

The Fleshlight Go Surge In-depth

You’re probably wondering if the Fleshlight Go is tighter than the full-size Fleshlight…

Fleshlights from the back end.

View from the back-end: If the width of the inside of the Fleshlight Go Surge is more narrow than the full-size Vortex, it’s just slightly more narrow.

To me, the Fleshlight Go Surge felt just slightly tighter, and it was a very subtle and gentle tightness. In fact, I would describe it as more “hugging” than “tight”, and I’m more than happy about that.

The Surge is a unique sensation

Unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life, sexually speaking.

Although the black-case Fleshlight Go is only available (currently) with one texture called “Surge”, which is unique to the Fleshlight Go, the sensation of the Surge really surprised me—in a good way. Of the now six different Fleshlights I’ve tried for In Bed articles, the Fleshlight Go Surge has landed as one of my favorites. To me, it doesn’t feel very realistic*—it feels, in fact, unlike anything I’ve ever felt in terms of sexual sensation, and that’s actually really cool. With the other Fleshlight textures I’ve experienced, I can usually describe the sensations by likening them to sensations that are familiar and generally appealing, such as “swirling”, “undulating” or “gentle squeezing”—all amazing feelings when encountered by a penis, but familiar. I’m finding it hard to describe the Surge though, but here it goes. The two words that I’ve finally come up with to describe what I felt inside the Fleshlight Go Surge are “fizzy” and “sparkly” (especially when moved slowly), which sounds totally bizarre in a sexual context, but it’s a really cool feeling.

The inside of the Fleshlight Go Surge texture.

It feels as interesting as it looks. In fact, I’ve never felt anything like it in my life.

To me, it feels like my penis is surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny little individual pleasure activators that are triggering at different moments but still somehow working together as one and traveling up and down as the Fleshlight moves. It’s almost a “fizzing” or tiny bubble-popping sensation. And when you look at what the surge looks like on the inside, you can sort of see how that would happen with the multitude of cross-hatches running in different directions. It’s sort of like a “micro-texture” when you compare it to many of the textures on the full-size Fleshlights. It also made me contemplate the perception of different sexual sensations in terms of resolution, in which case the Surge feels like an ultra-high resolution texture with lots of tiny little details and nuances I haven’t really noticed in any of the other larger-scaled Fleshlight textures that I’ve experienced. Notice the little rings of bumps in the middle of the sleeve. Rather than perceive that as a distinct sensation, it felt almost like a break between the sparkly cross-hatch sections, which makes the subsequent wave of cross-hatches feel even more intense.

The six total Fleshlights I’ve tried might be a small number compared to how many some full-time serious toy reviewers out there on the interwebs have written about, and it’s definitely a very small sampling of the huge variety that Fleshlight offers, so there may be some full-size Fleshlights out there that create a similar sensation and I’m just not aware of them. But to me, the sensation of the surge was exciting, totally new, and unique. And isn’t that one of the things you want from a sex toy—variety?

I specifically picked the Vortex as the full-size Fleshlight to compare the Surge to because, of the ones I had tried thus far, the sensation of the Vortex was the most interesting and the design looked almost as intricate as the Surge. And, I actually did try both the full-size Vortex and the Fleshlight Go Surge at the same time (alternating during the same session), and I do still highly recommend the Vortex if you want a non-realistic full-size Fleshlight. But, the Fleshlight Go Surge most definitely has something very special of its own going for it beyond just being more compact and discrete.

Update: A reader recently posted on reddit that he strongly disagreed with my description that the Go Surge doesn’t feel realistic and that he didn’t feel the “fizz” or “sparkle” that I described. I realized that his perspective might be different because it was his first Fleshlight, whereas I’ve tested out quite a few items of this nature and am sort of looking for specific sensations. A lot of you may be considering the Go Surge as your first Fleshlight, so I wanted to also share the opinion of someone who bought and reviewed it as their first Fleshlight too. Just about any Fleshlight is going to feel more sex-like than your hand, so I can totally see it feeling comparatively realistic if it’s the only Fleslight you’ve ever felt. So, I don’t think you’d be disappointed by the Go Surge if realism is what you want and you also want a smaller Fleshlight. You can read his counterpoint in the Fleshlight subreddit here, and I really appreciate this coming to my attention!

Fleshlight Go Surge bottom line: all smiles.

If you can fit into a Fleshlight Go Surge, and you already have a full-size Fleshlight, the Surge will be an excellent additional Fleshlight that will give you some real variety without adding as much bulk to your collection as you would by having another massive Fleshlight in your drawer. And if you’re looking for your first Fleshlight; if you think you can fit comfortably; and a close-as-possible-to-real-sex sensation isn’t your priority, the Fleshlight Go Surge will probably turn you into a life-long Fleshlight fan. It could easily be all the Fleshlight you could want or need for a long time…until your curiosity about other sensations gets the best of you.

The Fleshlight Go Ice Torque, in-depth

Fleshlight Go Ice Torque

The Fleshlight Ice is Fleshlight’s clear see-through Fleshlight that lets you, and perhaps a delighted or amused partner, see all the feel-good action happening inside. The full-size Ice has been around for a while and seems to be fairly popular, but the compact Go version is brand new. Since we wanted to do a solid comparison of the new compact models vs. the original full-size models, I had to order a full-size Ice as well, making this my first experience with any of the see-through products.

Sticky sleeve, stickier lid

I’ll save my full impressions of the full-size Ice vs the Go Ice for a dedicated Fleshlight Ice article, but I’ll go ahead and mention that what many others have written about the original full-size Fleshlight Ice seems to be just as true for the Fleshlight Go Ice Torque—the sleeve material is sticky compared to a regular Fleshlight. We always photograph the products we feature on the site before they are ever used (because nobody wants to see HD photos and video of someone’s used sex toy), but even just handling the Feshlight Ice products in order to position them for different photo angles left a cloud of fingerprints. I would definitely recommend against applying corn starch/renewing powder—as is suggested for the regular Fleshlights—because I would imagine it would cause some clouding. The stickiness is a little worrisome, but it appears that if you want the unique experience of seeing what’s going on inside, it’s the tradeoff you have to make because of how the material is engineered.

The lid on the Fleshlight Ice Go we received was unusually difficult to twist off and put back on. At one point I was even afraid it was going to break because I had to apply so much force to loosen the lid. Of the several Fleshlight products I’ve tried out, I’ve never experienced any problems or flaws with any of the products at all, so I imagine this is an isolated issue. I contacted customer service and although they were apologetic, their policy is to only replace the lid or the case if a crack or break actually results. That was a little disappointing but I also understand that “sticky lid” might be hard to interpret. We’ll see how it goes over the long-term.

A “big” surprise: The Ice Go makes your penis look bigger

It totally made me laugh out loud. It puts the fun back into a (adult) toy…

No Photo

If there was some way to show this without violating In Bed Magazine content standards, we would. But just trust us, it’s pretty cool.

The Fleshlight Go Ice does something kind of cool that isn’t mentioned on the Fleshlight site and I have no idea if it’s an intentional feature or just a happy coincidence but—somehow the Fleshlight Go Ice appeared to magnify my penis when it’s inside, making it look almost 50% bigger than it actually is. I was anticipating the sight of myself inside the smaller Fleshlight Go Ice appearing larger in comparison to the full-size Ice (which doesn’t perform the same optical illusion), but the additional magnification is really entertaining. This is particularly interesting because…

We think the Fleshlight Go Ice Torque is the best Fleshlight for partner play ever.

…one of the longest, strongest, and most memorable orgasms I’ve ever had through the use of a Fleshlight.

On InBedMagazine.com, we continually advocate the use of sex toys as a way for couples to expand their “sex menu”, and although we (my super-hot, super-fun co-editor and wife) and I have given it a go with a full-size Fleshlight a few times in our own bedroom, the man-hand size of the Fleshlight has always been a little awkward for her to work with and thus, the whole thing has always been a little awkward for us both in general. The smaller and more compact Fleshlight Flight Pilot was an improvement in terms of size, but since she still can’t feel me through the case or see what is happening, there’s still a lack of feedback and, in some ways, a missing element of intimacy.

Fleshlight Go Ice for partner play

Reenactment of our Fleshlight partner-play test hand-off. Much the same way a sandwich tastes better when someone makes it for you, a Fleshlight feels even better when someone else works it for you. The Fleshlight Go Ice Torque is the ideal Fleshlight for partner play.

The combination of the comfy one-hand size and the see-through feature of the Fleshlight Go Ice Torque, on the other hand, finally makes the Fleshlight truly fun for a couple to play with. In fact, the Go Ice texture didn’t really blow me away when I tried it on my own—it was good, but it didn’t wow me the way the Go Surge did—but on the evening that we decided to see how well the Fleshlight Go Ice worked in a hand-job-with-super-powers scenario, it was a completely different story. We were both mesmerized together as we watched the textures inside the Fleshlight Go Ice surround and move over me. She noticed which parts of the Ice textures hitting which of my sweet spots caused me to react with gasps and smiles, and she began to modulate her movements to focus the most stimulating parts of the texture on different sweet spots in different ways. She got creative and enthusiastic, which translated into an amazing experience for me. In fact, it culminated with one of the longest, strongest, and most memorable orgasms I’ve ever had through the use of a Fleshlight. (Not to mention that watching such a powerful orgasm happen inside the Fleshlight was really cool for both of us. Honestly, I can’t wait to do that with her again.)

There’s no doubt about it—being able to see inside made the experience great and truly intimate for us as a couple. The compact size made it easy. (And yes, I paid her back in full using her favorite toy ever, the Revel Sonice Vibrator.)

Impressions of the Fleshlight Go Ice Torque Texture

As I mentioned in the previous section, on my own, the Ice texture didn’t wow me quite the same way that the Fleshlight Go Surge texture did, but the Surge texture left such an impression on me that it probably wasn’t fair to try out the Ice so soon after the Surge. And make no mistake, it definitely feels really nice. Plus, my experience with it in the hands of my wife showed me that there’s a lot more to a Fleshlight’s pleasure potential than just the texture alone.

But about that texture—the sensation is a combination of ribbing/waves, which is fairly subtle, and a very pleasant squeezing, which is the result of the the canal width changing and creating different chambers. About halfway through the sleeve is a flared, bulbous chamber with nubs, which does create a really nice enveloping and kneading sensation that contrasts nicely with the ribbing. (Damn…I feel like I’m starting to describe Fleshlight textures the same way someone would describe wine—”with hints of cranberry”. I’ve seriously been working on this article too long.) The head of my penis reaches just about an inch past that flared chamber of nubs, which puts some of my sweetest nerve-rich spots right in the middle of those nubs when I’m all the way in—and that feels really, really good. It was that part of the texture hitting that particular underside sweet spot that my wife picked up on and began to take advantage of with breathtaking results.

Fleshlight Go Ice texture detail.

There’s a little chamber of nubs here in the middle that do some really kind things to you.

The next day, I tried out the full-size Fleshlight Ice with the Crystal texture and it honestly left me longing for the Go version of the Ice. This might simply be because my own physical scale matches up so much better with the scale of the Fleshlight Go than it does with the full-size Fleshlight, and perhaps if you’re bigger down there, the full-size Ice texture does something pretty special for you. But for me, the Go Ice was the winner over the full-size Ice.

The Fleshlight Go Ice’s weakness: drying time

I think I’m actually going to have to blow-dry this thing.

As I write this, the Fleshlight Go Ice sleeve has been sitting in an open, airy, dry room under a ceiling fan spinning for over 48 hours and it still isn’t dry inside. It’s the longest-drying Fleshlight I’ve tested. By comparison, the Fleshlight Go Surge dried in just a few hours of sitting out. If it’s not dry by tomorrow morning, I’m probably going to resort to sticking it directly in front of a fan or blow-drying it (talk about non-sexy things to do with a sex toy). It’s a complicated texture and a somewhat different material than the regular pink Fleshlights, so this long dry time isn’t a total surprise. But, if you are in a situation where you need an ultra-discrete sex toy that you can use, clean up, dry, and put away quickly without people wondering why in the world a dude in 2015 is using a hair dryer in the bathroom (personally, I don’t know any guys who blow dry), this isn’t the right Fleshlight for you. Look into the super-fast drying Fleshlight Pilot instead.

If you aren’t aware of the importance of making sure a Fleshlight is completely dry before storing it, be sure to check out the Cleaning and Care section of our original Fleshlight deep-dive article.


After using both of the new compact Fleshlight Go models, as well as the compact Fleshlight Pilot being my own favorite use-whenever Fleshlighight (meaning just because I want to, not for the sake of writing an article for In Bed readers), going back to a full-size Fleshlight feels kind of silly and excessive to me…like being 20, single, and driving a Chevy Suburban or some other huge, clumsy car. If you range from below average size, all the way up to 6.5-inches, the compact Fleshlight Go Surge could easily be all the Fleshlight you could need or want for a long time to come. The Surge texture alone is sensational enough to make it a worthy second Fleshlight, assuming you can fit. And if you’re in a relationship and want a Fleshlight that is fun and easy to use with a partner, the Fleshlight Go Ice is a blast. Get them both and you’ve got your bases covered.

However, if you want a specific texture that isn’t offered in the Go size, or if you’re blessed with over 6.5-inches of cock (pardon me if I don’t feel too sorry for you), the full-size Fleshlights are the only way to go. But don’t feel like you’re missing out—that still leaves you with over 67 different regular full-size models to choose from, plus 97 different variations of the Fleshlight Girls series, which are based on 27 different internet sex celebrities. I think you’ll be okay.

Explore or shop the Fleshlight Go here, at Fleshlight.com.

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29 Responses

  1. Rajat says:

    I was going to buy a regular size fleshlight but i was confuse it with the fleshlight go so i just google fleshlight vs fleshlight go and thank god your review came up and after reading especially one of your line got my full attention ” if you want to hide it” i really changed my mind and now i am going up with FLeshlight go it’s good for me well thanks for your Honest Review.

  2. Gymaddict says:

    I feel like the Torque texture isnt as soft, its more stiff. Havent tried the regular ice so cant know for sure but the go torque ice is definitely stiffer than the other fleshlights.

  3. Leon says:

    Just bought one of these Go surge today and finish a session on it .

    Fully agree with most of the points you had made in this reviews .

    No complaints just compliment .

    Downside is , after 3 years of introducing the Go surge in the market , it still doesn’t had a line-up similar nor comparable to those full size regular fleshlight .

    The company should really focus on the Go surge with more variety skin texture option

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Thanks for returning to comment and I totally agree. I really prefer all the smaller ones—the Flight series, the Go series, and really only use the larger ones because of the texture variety. They’re faster and easier to clean and dry, easier to use and move, and far easier to store. I’m really surprised they haven’t expanded that line.

  4. Paul says:

    Which would you say has a tighter or more snug canal throughout?


  5. jordan says:

    would u recommend teh surge or torque?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Unless you’re planning a lot of partner play, at which point the see-through aspect of the Torque is a unique and very cool thing, the Surge is a much more exciting sensation and it’s quicker to dry. So, if it’s mostly for solo time, go with the Surge.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi. This is a great article! Really enjoyed reading it. My wife and I have three Fleshlights; including the original full-size Ice with the vagina opening that we use for partner play the most often. We agree that this is an amazing toy for couples. Your review of the Go Ice Torque though makes me want to buy that one for us right now! It sounds like it elevates the entire experience! Do you mind giving an update now that you have had that smaller Ice model for about eight months. Is it still popular with you guys, and still creating the enhanced level of intimacy you described?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Yes—if we are taking turns, she’ll specifically bring up the idea of using “one of the smaller Fleshlights”. I don’t think there’s any going back to the big ones for partner play because both the Go models are just so much easier for her to handle. We’re working on an app-controlled vibrator comparison right now, making her the focus of attention as of late, so she’s been “going first” more often than second. As such, she’s been leaving the choice of what I get to enjoy up to me and I’ve been choosing the Go Surge just because I’ve been more interested in that texture lately. I know if I sent her to go pick between the two though, she’d probably pick the Torque. I’ll get her take on it tomorrow evening and pass it along.

      Although circumstances and current interests/projects have meant that we haven’t revisited that specific experience with the Go Torque in quite a while (now thinking it’s been too long), it is still vividly burned into my mind. In fact, I’ve reached back to that memory as part of a fantasy several times and now that you’ve brought it up, I’m totally going to suggest it next time I have an opportunity. So, I might argue that duration of an impression and anticipation may have even more weight than frequency of use.

      On the one hand, I think that if you and your wife are enjoying the full-size Ice, you’ll enjoy the Go Torque even more assuming you’re in the size range that will fit. I think it feels better than the full-size Ice, and I think the size will make it so much easier for her to use that you’ll feel a difference in the way she uses it. Full disclosure though—we never tried a full-size Ice together before using the Torque, nor have we since. On the other hand—and this is the one I’m more uncertain of since we’ve never used the big one—it might be somewhat redundant since it’s just a more compact version of what you’ve got. You’ve already got some enhanced intimacy with the big one due to the see-through nature of the Ice, so that alone won’t be a new novelty. But, the ease of movement and more relatable scale of the Go Torque can amp up the intimacy as well. Have you asked her what she thinks about the size of the big Fleshlights? Does she think it’s awkward to work with them? If she’s the one who will be handling it most often, I’d get her take on it. My wife thought the smaller ones were such a big improvement, I don’t think she wants to touch one of the big ones again.

      Thanks for sharing your partner-play perspective with readers here as well!

  7. Tina says:

    Great insight! I just purchased a Fleshlight Go surge for my husband as a “surprise” gift. I plan to introduce it to him during oral “play”. After it was delivered, I had inspected the Fleshlight Go completely with amazement. Wow, I was very impressed with the material it’s made of and all the detailed textures within it. It fits very nicely in my hand as well. The Flashlight is extremely soft to touch and soooo very inviting in my opinion. If I were a man, I’d be pleasuring myself withit immediately. I can already visualize using it on my husband (and him using it alone). 😀 I’m very excited about these new toy for my husband. I hope it’ll inspire him in his solo play and that he discovers a new level of pleasure.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      It’s awesome to read about people in relationships encouraging each other to play alone as well as together. Super, awesome comment—thank you for sharing, wife of the year!

  8. Jose says:

    Well, thankyou verymuch sir, try helpfull. I will take it into consideration, couldnt have dont it without you!! Great article by the way.

  9. Jose says:

    Wow.. That was truly helpfull Im was really more concerned about the drying part, the storing is not a big deal now that i think about it. Your reply was helpfull throughout, answerd my questions, I will very much consider on purchasing a mini lotus, the Go surge sounded ideal and convincing, but for now i will get a mini and move on from there, hence it bieng my first Fleshlight. I will also purchase the fleshwash and renewal powder, it may be of use. One last question, Approximately how long does it take to dry a mini lotus?
    Thankyou for your time, really appreciated and helpfull

    • In Bed Staff says:

      It can vary, ranging from as long as 24 hours or more, to as little as half an hour. The drying time (evaporation) depends a lot on three factors in the environment of your region and inside your home: humidity, air temperature, and airflow. The less humidity in the air, the warmer the air, and the more air movement you have, the faster it dries. The more humidity, the cooler the temperatures, and the less air movement you have, the slower it dries. A fourth non-environmental factor, of course, is the amount of water that needs to evaporate. There are two of these factors you can influence in order to speed up the drying time. First, you can reduce the amount of water that needs to evaporate by shaking as much of the water off as possible. Then, you can dab it with a clean, lint-free towel to remove even more moisture. The sleeves are very stretchy, so you can gently pull it inside out from the back end to dab the inside. But, do not pull it inside out from the entry. This could stress it and cause little tears over time. Next, you can use a little USB-powered fan such as this one to keep air moving through it.

      To further improve air movement through the sleeve, for minimum drying time, you may also want to do something to prop the entry open. If you checked out our original Fleshlight deep-dive article or video, you may have noticed that the Fleshlight is shipped with a small tube inside the sleeve. You could cut a little 1/2″ section off of it and use it to hold the entry open so that air moves through freely. Or, you might think of another solution for propping it open, but just make sure it’s something that is clean.

  10. Jose says:

    Two part question..
    I’m thinking about buying my first Fleshlight, I want something with a real feel. I read your article on the Fleshlight Go, and believe me, i have it bookmarked. But then again i want something realistic, and sofar the “lotus/mini lotus” is my best option, but its only available in the original sized Fleshlight, which is huge… Also I am considering ordering one of the “Fleshlight Girls” either Riley Reid or Suzie Carina, but yet agian there too big, it will be hard for me to keep it a secret, living with family.. Having said, my question is, if I were to get a Fleshlight Girl Version, will it be hard to clean and dry and will do I need the cleaning supplies or can i just clean it with Hot water and soap, or is it best to get the Fleshlight Go? Since its smaller and more discrete and easier to clean, since you have tried the Fleshlight Go, Can you Fill me in on the feel, and care of it please.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Good questions. First, I need to update the Fleshlight Go article because my perception of the feeling of the Go Surge has evolved over the course of using it—which I’m discovering happens with Fleshlights. Initially, I tried the Surge literally at the same time as several others. Like, actually switching out among a Mini Lotus, Ice, and the Go Torque, one after the other and cycling back through during a single session. I wanted to do a direct comparison and just decided to see how it was. I used it a couple of times on its own afterwards before writing the article, but during that period I was also trying a few others for another article, as well as having some regular sex in between. (Not all in the same session, but on different days.) During that time, I was definitely perceiving a big contrast in the sensations because whatever I had experienced last was fresh on my mind. I know that people who visit this section of the site are often very interested in how the sensations compare, so I was trying to cater to that. However, the reality is that most guys start out with a single Fleshlight and stick with that for at least a while before ever having another one to compare it too. The fact of the matter is, with the exception of some of the most exotic Fleshlight textures, if you’ve never felt any other Fleshlight, just about any of them are going to feel relatively realistic if you’re only comparing it to your hand.

      Anyway, after a period of working on some Fleshlight-related articles for In Bed, I went a while without using any Fleshlights at all—maybe three or four weeks. Then one day, out of the blue, with some time to kill and the house to myself, I decided to break one out and uh…treat myself just for the heck of it. I decided to try the Go Surge again just because I remembered it being very interesting feeling and liking it. I even remembered my description of it in the article and was kind of excited about feeling that again. But to my surprise, it felt quite different than I remembered it. It actually felt kind of realistic. It was maybe a little more snug than what real sex feels like, but not so much that it’s weird. I didn’t really perceive those individual little texture details that I did when I was doing direct comparisons. Instead, it was just a wash of wonderful sensations—velvety and luxurious. In fact, I’ve actually seen a few comments on reddit.com/r/fleshlight challenging my description of the Go Surge, saying that they thought the Go Surge felt very realistic to them.

      So, I wouldn’t write the Go Surge off as unrealistic if the compact aspect of the Go Surge makes it more practical for you. If having one that is easier to hide means that you’ll get more use out of it, I think the trade-off is worth it.

      But that brings me to the second part of your question about cleaning and drying. Although the Go Surge is easier to hide than the bigger Fleshlights, it’s not quite as easy to clean or quick to dry as a Mini Lotus. First, the intricate texture traps bio matter (semen) inside more so than simple textures like the Mini Lotus (which is more contour shape than texture). You really have to look inside and use your fingers to make sure that the matter is fully removed, because water alone won’t always get it to break free. Second, since the entry is more constricted and the texture is more dense, air doesn’t flow as freely through it as some other Fleshlights, so it takes a bit longer to dry. A little fan will help, but it still takes longer than the Mini Lotus. If you have time to let it sit out and dry, it’s not such a big deal. (Just letting it sit in front of a fan overnight while you’re asleep (with a locked door), should do the trick.) But, putting it away damp definitely is a big deal. It’s one of the easiest ways to ruin a Fleshlight. You want to make sure that it is bone-dry when you seal it up and hide it somewhere like a drawer. Otherwise, like anything else that is stored in a dark, damp place, it could develop mold. Even if it’s dry when you put it away, I would still leave the end-cap loose. So, if drying a Fleshlight is a bigger challenge than hiding it, a full size Fleshlight with the Mini Lotus texture would probably be the better option for you because it will typically dry faster.

      Hope that helps. As far as cleaning supplies goes, hot water typically takes care of the mess for the most part (do not ever use regular soap, it will degrade the material), but I would recommend using their anti-bacterial Fleshwash toy cleaner now and then. I don’t think you have to use it every time if you’re using the Fleshlight often, but it’s a good idea especially if you are putting it away for a while or are at all iffy about whether or not you got it completely clean or dry.

  11. Solanje says:

    Thank you for doing an in depth comparison that was informative and funny. I appreciate your co-editor’s input as I am purchasing these for my fiancé & the website doesn’t help. I even accidentally ordered an original black case thinking it was smaller than the STU since the STU makes it sound like the training wheels of the site. The thing is bulky and kills my arm during our fun times. We aren’t getting any younger so I was looking for another fleshlight (honestly they’re the best) but a more manageable case and I wasn’t sure about the Ice sleeves. All of the descriptions were written by someone who has nothing but the best to say about all products. Trying to search the site quickly (I always like to surprise him, but between kids, animals, him, etc.= no time) and I must be tech impaired. The chat sessions don’t work & my searches usually yield “no results”.
    THANK YOU. I’ll be trying the Go Ice Torque. The idea of being able to see the thrusting (even if it’s into the shower mount) is extremely hot.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Awesome! Thanks a bunch for sharing. First, yes, I really felt said co-editor’s input was valuable also and I’m trying to get her to chime in a bit more on these. I can’t wait to pass this comment on to her. Second, I really appreciate you sharing that this is for your fiancé and how you plan to incorporate it into your sex life together. One of the things we believe in here is encouraging people to expand their idea of what constitutes sex so that they can share more intimate sexual experiences together (essentially…have more sex of some sort), and also to help disprove outdated stigmas and perceptions about guys and sex toys. Every comment from a couple (or someone’s “better half”) helps other couples and individuals become more comfortable with enjoying themselves and to find new ways to enjoy each other. So thanks a bunch and we hope the article set the right expectations once you experience the Go Ice Torque. If you’ve got some time to kill one of these days, drop back in and let readers know how it’s working for you and your (perhaps by that time) husband. Congratulations on your upcoming union.

  12. I. Libertine says:

    I quickly decided to add the shower mount to the experience. I was surprised to be entirely unable to find any info about compatibility between the mount and the Fleshlight Go. The website says what the mount fits, and lists some exceptions to that (Ice, Blade, and so on), but makes no mention whatsoever of the Go — maybe the product line is too new, but I thought it was odd that I really could not find out, through the site itself or via Google, whether the mount and the Go were compatible. It turns out that the Go uses the Flight adapter (which comes bundled with the shower mount), but the FL website doesn’t let potential purchasers know this anywhere that I could find. I hope this will help some future FL Go buyer.

  13. I. Libertine says:

    You said, “…do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to the Fleshlight Go Surge. It is an exquisite sensation and you deserve it. I hope that helps and I hope some others will chime in with their experiences or opinions.”

    Brand-new Fleshlight convert chiming in here. I have to thank you for talking me into this. I had been aware of the Fleshlight for a long time, but never really gave it much thought, despite a heavy self-service routine because my wife, while wonderful in bed, only wants it every few weeks.

    The Fleshlight popped back up on my radar a few weeks ago when Jason Kottke posted an article on Stoya participating in a project called “Hysterical Literature” (it’s well worth checking out: http://kottke.org/15/07/hysterical-literature-1 ). That led me to Stoya’s Tumblr, where her Fleshlight Girls ad got me so intrigued I went right to their storefront. It all looked a little too good to be true, but I found your excellent reviews in my research of which one would be best for me. You finally talked me into ordering a Fleshlight Go Surge. As soon as I clicked on the ‘Order’ button I too experienced that sensation of panic and excitement, and spent a few days letting the anticipation build.

    It’s just minutes after my first experimentation. I was blown away. My only regrets are that I didn’t schedule a little more alone time so I could have another round with it today, and that I didn’t do this years ago. My first session exceeded my expectations, even elevated as they were by your glowing recommendation. I thought I was well prepared for the sensation, but it really took me by surprise, and I came like a virgin just a few minutes in. Now I’m looking forward (wow, how I’m looking forward!) to undoing the DGS damage caused by years of quickly rubbing one out by hand just to relieve the tension, rather than experiencing a full-on orgasm. Thank you, thank you.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Awesome! We really appreciate the feedback and I’m relieved that I didn’t oversell it and that it’s not just me—that it really is that good. I really don’t want to go too easy on products in reviews, but in this case, it’s just hard to find fault with something that feels so good. And although I’ll call out a product if I’m underwhelmed (as was the case on the Tenga Flip Hole Black…though I’m going to give the White, Red, and Silver a shot soon for a big comparison article), I am definitely biased towards selling guys on the overall idea of taking a serious look at sex toys in general as a truly healthy and positive thing. As you illustrated in the case of you and your wife having differing sex drives, sex toys for guys can really help balance out a sex life and, I believe, can help take the pressure off of a couple to be each other’s sole source of sexual release without straying outside the boundaries of the relationship. I further believe that the removal of that pressure, along with taking ownership of your own sexual gratification, can actually help inspire more sexual activity between a couple simply because sex stops being so much a thing that you try to get from one another, and instead becomes a capacity that you each carry with you and desire to experience together. So, I really appreciate you sharing with readers your own experience and that others are inspired to take ownership of their own sexual needs as well, be that via a Fleshlight Go, a different product, or by simply looking at masturbation differently—as a purposeful exercise that supports their overall wellness and relationships.

  14. hq says:

    For fleshlight GO, are there compatible with standard adapter for vstroker (the original)
    Or is the same with fleshlight Flight size (adapter) ?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Thanks for your question! Although we don’t have any experience with the Vstroker, I checked out the site and I see that they are currently promoting the Shower Mount flight adapter at the bottom of the Fleshlight Go product page. Now, check out the Flight page. Notice that they say that the Flight Shower Mount Adapter allows the Flight to be used with both the Shower Mount AND the Vstroker. I just compared the end-cap size of the Fleshlight Go to the end-cap of the Fleshlight Flight, and they match. In fact, I was able to swap the end-caps and they worked perfectly. So, although this isn’t the official word from Fleshlight, I think it’s safe to assume that if it will work with the Flight using the adapter, it should work with the Fleshlight Go using the adapter as well. I may shoot a line over to their customer service department to make sure though.

  15. Pinkerton says:

    How does it compare to the Flight Pilot? Do you like this one better?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      That’s a great question. In fact, we’re planning on doing a Flight vs. Go comparison soon (Update: just did it…Fleshlight Go vs. Fleshlight Flight—quick take)just because we imagine that a lot of other guys (and hopefully, women shopping for guys) are going to be trying to decide between the two as well just because of the similarity of size. But, it’s also a hard question because each, for me, anyway, is the top choice in different categories. When I first started working on these sex toy articles, I assumed that the sensation (how it felt) was all that mattered. But after getting a ton of great feedback and really looking at how products of this nature fit into the big picture of the everyday sex life of your average guy, I’ve come to realize that there are a few more important factors to consider, and that’s why I’m so partial to the Fleshlight Flight Pilot. Because it’s so discrete (seriously, unless you see it in use, it’s not obvious that it’s a sex toy), and because it cleans and dries so much faster and easier than any of the other Fleshlights I’ve tested, it’s just so much more practical and easier to fit into the average guy’s life. Most guys are busy, many have families, and others just aren’t comfortable with the idea of having a sex toy sitting out for any length of time. As such, the Fleshlight Flight’s discrete design and the ease with which it cleans and dries quickly (compared to any others that I’ve tried) makes it the clear choice, especially since it does feel great…so much better than your own hand alone. But, if you’re asking me to choose based exclusively on how it feels, the winner (for me), would be the Fleshlight Go Surge. It’s a unique and exciting feeling that I’ve never felt before. And for me, the whole point of sex toys is variety, so the Go Surge checks that box and then some. If you don’t need your sex toy to be super discrete—such as, if your wife or GF is totally down with you having a pocket pussy for personal time (or even better, if she’s completely up for using on/with you), then the Surge Go is absolute luxury and the way to go, in my opinion. But if you’re at all tense about your toy being found, embarrassed by the pocket pussy appearance, or will otherwise find that the frequency with which you’ll be able to enjoy using your Fleshlight is diminished by the pocket-pussy appearance, the Flight is the way to go. Whichever design makes it more likely for you to use it more often is the better of the two designs. But, if discretion is not a factor, and you’re less that 7.5-inches blessed…do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to the Fleshlight Go Surge. It is an exquisite sensation and you deserve it. I hope that helps and I hope some others will chime in with their experiences or opinions. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to post the question.

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