The Fleshlight STU Review—orgasms, ASAP

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) is one of the internet’s most mentioned and recommended Fleshlights, second only to maybe the Destroya. But while it has sort of been on my “must try someday” list since my eyes were opened to the world of Fleshlights a few years ago, whenever I’ve had the budget, I’ve kept passing it up in favor of new models for three reasons:

  1. The inside texture looked boring compared to other Fleshlights
  2. I don’t really have a stamina problem in bed…anymore
  3. Gold is kinda tacky (says a dude holding a fake vagina)

But the fear of missing out finally caught up with me. I had to know if STU’s popularity was all hype or if I’d been missing out on something amazing. (As usual, I ordered direct from with zero hassle.) The verdict—I’ll get right to it: the STU is no joke.

Here’s how the Fleshlight STU taught me that less is sometimes more, caused me to reflect on how much men struggle with anxiety in bed, and softened my aversion to gold.

Fleshlight STU sensation and experience

Once you discover Fleshlights (or sex toys for men in general), you become aware that through different texture and pattern designs, a whole world of sensational variety awaits—different “flavors” of friction-based pleasure available to you practically on-demand. Your imagination begins to anticipate the different sensations that might result from each design—swirling, squeezing, twisting…maybe even combinations of all three. So the STU, with it’s plain and simple bumps, has always seemed uninspiring next to the zig-zags and varied tightness of sleeves like the Vortex, or the sequence of 6 radically different textures, one after the other, on the Ice Crystal, and certainly the bulb of fluttery extensions inside the Destroya. Even though I continue to enjoy the Wonder Wave, my first Fleshlight featuring simple ribbing, and the Mini Lotus, still my favorite overall Fleshlight, I just didn’t see much potential in the STU. I imagined it just being more of the same or not much of anything at all.

I was wrong—very wrong.

There is something to be said for repetition—for finding something simple that feels good and doing it over and over again. I was completely caught off guard by the relentless wall o’ pleasure that the STU’s seemingly basic pillowy bumps deliver. I don’t normally have a stamina issue in bed, but I was finding myself almost powerless against the STU.

Inside of Fleshlight STU

The inside of the Fleshlight STU doesn’t look like much, and I wasn’t expecting much, but the looks are deceiving. They yield surprisingly powerful sensations.

Round 1—first use: The STU made me cum in less than one minute, no kidding.

To provide some context around just how surprising this was to me, I’m hardly sex-starved at the moment (knock on wood), and it’s great sex, actually. In fact, things had worked out nicely for me less than 24 hours prior to this first go with the STU. Second, I write for this sex blog, which gives me an excuse to try out lots of feel-good play things like Fleshlights, Tengas, and guy-vibes. In fact, I use a Fleshlight—a Mini Lotus or a Flight Pilot—at least once a week, a practice that I credit for me not having a stamina problem in bed as it is. So, stuff that feels really good is not a new thing to me. I’m experienced. I’m no sexual noob.

But, five seconds into my first go with the STU, and out loud I uttered, “oh…wow”.

After 15 seconds, I took it off and paused for maybe another 15.

“That’s insane”, I said out loud again…to nobody. (Such sexy talk, right?)

At the 30-second mark I went back at it and immediately said “oh shit”. I was just feeling so…so much. I was already at that point where there was no stopping the orgasm. It felt too good to stop. This thing was going to make me cum right then and there no matter what. And I did. And it was messy. And I was uncharacteristically vocal and loud about it. And it was great.

I hadn’t even warmed the STU up—I went at it cold. I wasn’t really even all that turned on before getting into it. It was literally like—”I’ve got to get this article done, I’ve only got 10 minutes before I need to get in the shower and get ready to go do something else…so let me just see if I can do this.”

Frigid fake vagina, not even really horny, yet I still came in less than one minute. Damn.

But does that mean I won or the STU won? I’m not sure. How are we defining success here? If this is failure on my part, failure never felt so good and I want to fail again.

Inside-front of Fleshlight STU.

Checking out the inside, pre-usage, and not expecting much.

Round 2, one day later: 1 minute, 30 seconds.

At this point, I’m just starting to think this is absurd. I was really surprised. So many times when I read others’ claims about how good the STU was, I honestly just figured they either a.) were sexually inexperienced and didn’t know much beyond their own hand, or b.) probably hadn’t tried any other Fleshights or other sex toys to compare it to. As much as I try to be objective when starting one of these reviews, I really expected this article was going to amount to some sort of soft exposé on how the Stamina Training Unit was mostly a marketing gimmick—a good Fleshlight, but nothing extra special as far as Fleshlights go. But there I was, less than 90 seconds into my second round with the STU, surrendering powerlessly to the feel-good forcefulness of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

If a woman embodied a persona of the Fleshlight STU, I imagine her pushing me up against the wall with one hand, ripping down my pants with another, looking me in the eye and saying sternly, “you’re going to cum, right now”, and then pinning me down and making it happen. The STU is that relentless in its causing of pleasure. (That’s kind of a hot scenario now that I think about it. I’ll file that one away in my brain for later. And for our gay and bi-for-guys visitors, please feel free to steal that scenerio and switch it up to make it your own. There is a Fleshjack version of the STU with the same texture called the Endurance Jack.)

Inside-rear of Fleshlight STU.

Trying to see the inside via the back entry. It’s snug.

Round 3, next day: approx 2 minutes

At first, I thought that maybe my sub 60-second experience on my first try could be chalked up to the newness factor. Any new sexual experience or sensation, whether it’s with a partner or a new Fleshlight, can be a little extra exciting. But after maxing out at a little under 120 seconds for the third day in a row, I began to realize that I may have only given up 30 seconds to the novelty of the STU being new. Though, it is interesting to note that the sessions are getting a little longer each time. I’m thinking the STU is for real.

Usually, by the time I sit down to write the “how it feels” part of a review, I’ve probably accumulated at least an hour of quality time with a product over the course of several weeks. But with the Stamina Training Unit, I’m ready to talk about what it feels like after a grand total of four minutes and thirty seconds. Hey—that’s three orgasms in less than five minutes when you look at it all together.

Trying to describe what the Fleshlight STU feels like

Instead of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, the STU has one trick—one very effective stimulation approach—and it delivers it relentlessly until it wins. I’ve read some other reviewers report that they don’t really feel much detail of the texture of the STU until right before they’re about to have an orgasm. (That’s where you learn to control yourself, they say.) But my experience has been different. Start-to-finish, I feel the texture of the STU working more distinctly than I do with just about any other Fleshlight I’ve tried. Even the Vortex, with its crazy zig zags and squeezes, starts out as more of just a vague variance unless I really concentrate on trying to “find” the feeling of the texture. But with the STU, I often feel the sensation of each one of those raised bumps pressing down snuggly all around me, with the sensations being particularly strong at the sweet spots right below the head, but still evenly applying the feels all the way down and even on the sides. I also sometimes distinctly feel the bumps rolling over the contours of the corona (that’s the ridge at the back of the head of the penis, for those of you who’ve never really studied a diagram) and then coming into solid contact just below the head. You know those spots I’m talking about. Good stuff.

Another thing that I noticed on the third round that was a little different about the STU is that it feels so equally good on the up stroke (or out stroke) as it does on the down stroke. With PIV sex (penis-in-vagina), and even with most of the Fleshlight’s I’ve tried, to me, the inward/downward stroke always seems a little sweeter and more rich in sensation than the out/up stroke. But with the STU, the out-stroke is as invigorating as the in-stroke. I think that’s one of the things that is making these sessions go by so fast—building more credit towards an orgasm with every movement.

Pro tip: rotate it for a very different sensation

And speaking of sensational movements, the STU has a really cool thing in common with the Vortex. If you get either one of these someday, go all the way inside and then rotate the Fleshlight very, very slowly clockwise or counterclockwise. Feeling all the nubs circling your penis horizontally and continually in one direction is a completely different kind of sensation. Then, you can get even more variation by changing the direction, changing the speed, or alternating the direction back and forth. Not all Fleshlights or strokers feel especially exciting when you do this, but ones with texture variations that run vertically will do it and it’s amazing. I haven’t tried all the variations of that trick with the STU (so far, I’ve cum way before I would have even had a chance), but I rotated it for a few seconds, which was long enough to know that it feels special when you do that.

Lubing the Fleshlight STU Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight included a handy sample pack of their lube, which I continue to like.

Fleshlight STU vs. Mini Lotus (round 4): 2 minutes, 30 seconds

I wanted to compare the STU to my favorite Fleshlight, the Mini Lotus. Of the 9 (and counting) models I’ve tried, the Mini Lotus and Flight Pilot are the two that I reach for regularly while the others are reserved for an occasional treat or get ignored. The Flight stays in regular rotation because it’s the quickest and easiest to dry, but the Mini Lotus is the go-to model the rest of the time because it gives me my favorite overall experience (more about why that is later in the comparison). The Mini Lotus is also the one that I recommend most often when I’m writing about Fleshlights. So, for me, it has become the gold standard against which I compare any other Fleshlight. (Maybe I should put the Mini Lotus in the gold case instead.) I also wanted to compare the STU and the Mini Lotus because the Mini Lotus is the one other Fleshlight that seems to be the most geared towards supporting optimum performance and enjoyment of partnered sex. Although total self indulgence and self spoiling is an absolute valid and good reason for masurbation (not to mention why the variety of Fleshlights are so wonderful), it’s also a routine activity that can either help or hinder our enjoyment of partnered sex. While the STU aims to help guys who have a real problem with stamina, the more natural and vagina-like sensation of the Mini Lotus can help guys who either have just a little bit of a stamina problem, or who have too much unwanted and uncontrolled stamina due to death grip.

Unsurprisingly, the STU and Mini Lotus feel on opposite ends of the spectrum. The STU is an enhanced and intense sensation, while the Mini Lotus is a natural and luxurious sensation. Whereas the STU says, “I’m going to make you cum as fast as possible”, the Mini Lotus says, “lay back and let me spoil you for a while…see how long I can keep you suspended in the glorious sweet zone before you can’t hold off”. With the STU, I’m often very conscious that it’s a Fleshlight because I feel the texture working on me—making me feel a level and type of stimulation that I just wouldn’t typically feel during PIV sex. I find myself looking down at the STU to see what is going on just because I can’t believe what I’m feeling. But with the Mini Lotus, I often find myself closing my eyes and letting my brain float off into a fantasy because it’s so easy to imagine it as ‘the real thing’. I’m all about the extra spice you can get from a Fleshlight, but the versatility of being able to lose yourself in a fantasy is pretty cool too.

STU vs Mini Lotus verdict: the STU delivers a higher volume of pleasure, but the Mini Lotus will remain my favorite

The STU is unbelievable, in a good way. I love it. Honestly, I’m getting a little hard thinking about what it feels like and I don’t see myself ever not having an STU on hand as long as I’ve got room to store it. But, as my official testing period for this article winds down, I’ll go back to the Mini Lotus as my regular and the STU will get stored in the box of extras that I reach for every now and then for an occasional treat or if I need a stamina refresher. And if I could only keep one, it’s still the Mini Lotus that you’d have to pry out of my cold dead hands.

Why? Because sometimes less is more.

I think that what Fleshlights improve most over jerking off is the “getting there” part of it all. When you jerk off with your hand, it feels pretty good, but it’s really just a quick and effective means of getting off quickly—you’re just working for the orgasm. Whereas the Mini Lotus draws out the “getting there” part of masturbation—extending and deepening the pleasure of the whole experience, making the work towards the orgasm feel as enjoyable and rewarding as the orgasm itself. If I’m going to go to the trouble of warming up a Fleshlight and doing the cleanup afterwards, I want to spend as much time as I can in a state of sustained pre-orgasmic bliss. I want to truly spoil myself and indulge in self-centered pleasure on my own timeline in a way that I don’t normally with my partner. The Mini Lotus facilitates exactly that kind of experience.

The STU, on the other hand, makes the “getting there” part of it feel so good that it’s all over and done with before I ever really get into it. It’s extremely impressive and oh my God it feels good, but it may be a case of too much of a good thing for me. Maybe if I did have a serious stamina problem this would be exactly the medicine I need, but in this average use case, I seem to be spending more time cleaning it than feeling it.

Subsequent uses and normalization

Eventually I did begin to acclimate to the new normal of the STU and now my ability to endure is a little closer to that of other Fleshlights and regular sex, but still shorter—averaging 3-4 minutes. There’s no edging with the STU—not for me, anyway. Your results may vary.

This brings me to the second reason why I’m reserving the STU for occasional indulgence: I don’t want to try to fix something that isn’t broken. In other words, I don’t want to end up having more stamina than I need. I only need to be able to last about as long as my partner at least 50% of the time that we have sex. I don’t want to get to the point where I’m lasting so long that my partner is getting bored waiting for me after her orgasm, nor do I want want to have trouble reaching an orgasm due to the intensity of the STU being the bar that I need to clear (in terms of stimulation volume) in order to get there. It would be different if I was having a stamina issue, but since I’m not, I’m going to play it safe.

fleshlight STU

Verdict: I think the STU lives up to the hype

Although I don’t have a legit stamina issue to test the STU against, based on the intensity of the sensations I’m feeling from the STU and how quickly I’m reaching orgasms when I use it, the STU certainly feels like it’s strong medicine made for a bad case of two-pump chumpmanship, not to mention a surprisingly good-feeling sex toy. As I wrote earlier, I really do think that I have routine usage of the Mini Lotus and Flight Pilot to thank for the amount of control that I have in bed as it is—I definitely did not have the same mastery before I started using sex toys more often than jerking off with my hand, and the STU, with its more pronounced sensations feels like is like a maximum dose of the same formula that helped me.

Stamina training theory—my bro science explanation of it

The idea behind this whole stamina training thing, and the way that I realized improvements just through use of the other Fleshlights, is basically to build up a tolerance to vagina-levels of sweetness through more routine “exposure” so that you aren’t so overwhelmed by the pleasure of partnered sex when it happens. Like anything else, it takes practice. However, if you’re going to practice on your own without performance pressure, you need something that feels more like a vagina or possibly even a bit more intense. Your hand just feels like your hand—it cannot match the softness, the silkiness, the suppleness, or the the satisfying feeling of being inside of a vagina (or whatever form of penetrative sex you’re engaging in). You need something that is basically engineered specifically to feel incredibly good—soft, silky, and gentle against and around your penis. Enter Fleshlights.

I’ve always thought of it like getting used to spicy foods. If Tobasco sauce brings you to your knees, power though a few doses of habanero sauce or pop some jalapenos every day for a week. Before too long, Tobasco won’t seem so spicy to you anymore and you can begin to actually appreciate the flavor of it. Sexual stamina training is like that, but with pleasure instead of pain. Trade in dry jerking off for maintenance masturbation that feels more like sex—or that feels even a little more lush, in the case of the STU, and before long you won’t be so overwhelmed by the feeling of sexual intercourse and you’ll be able to last longer and enjoy being in the moment instead of worrying that you’re going to cum too fast.

But is the STU the only Fleshlight that can help with stamina?

No, I believe that other Fleshlights can also help because routine usage of less intense Fleshlights really seemed to improve my enjoyment of partnered sex. At this point, 75-90% of the time I am able to last long enough to make my partner cum first during sex and I am then able to follow quickly—sometimes I’m even able to time it so that we cum together. And this is just from using a Mini Lotus and Flight Pilot regularly. This was not the case prior to discovering Fleshlights. It used to be that if even if I was able to last more than a couple of minutes during sex, I was only able to do so by mentally concentrating on really unsexy things like paying the water bill (true story), which really took me out of the moment—so much so that sometimes I would lose my erection. The worst though, was that time that I was both cumming too soon because I was overwhelmed by the physical pleasure, but also losing my erection because I was mentally trying to pay the water bill. That’s kinda messed up. So, all of this is why I believe the STU has genuine potential for those who have a serious stamina issue.

Fleshlight stamina training unit Gold Case

Wow, this is not subtle.

STU Design—possibly the least discreet Fleshlight ever

Can we talk about the gold for a minute? I’m not usually a fan of gold stuff. I’ve passed on places to live because there were too many tacky gold fixtures that made everything feel dated and cheap, so the fact that the STU is only available in a gold case has been a bit of a turnoff for me. But now that it’s sitting here in my bedroom—and maybe I’m just saying this because I’m still feeling all tingly and nice from using it—the STU case isn’t quite as funky looking in person as I thought it would be from the pictures online. The pink of the sleeve next to the gold case is still a strange pairing, but the case has a metallic richness that doesn’t really convey well in a lot of pictures on their website. (Though, I think I captured it nicely in our site’s pictures, if I do say so myself.) So, although it still wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s…growing on me. However, I still think Fleshlight needs to open up the case options for it because tacky or not-so-tacky, it jumps out at you. It is big, bright, and gold. Unless you’ve got a bunch of gold trophies and neck chains stacked around your place, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb in your closet, drawers, or wherever you hide it. It’s probably the least discreet Fleshlight you can buy.

Vagina or “happy hole”. Your choice, with the Fleshlight STU.

With the STU, you get a choice of two entries—the same classic generic vagina that comes standard on many of the other full-size Fleshlights, and the Pure entry, which what I like to call a happy hole. (For the Fleshjack variant, you can choose between butt cheeks and the Pure.) I can see the point of the Pure entry on the STU. I imagine that the Stamina Training Unit is a Fleshlight purchase that a lot of guys in relationships can rationalize or pitch to their partners under the guise of improving partnered sex. However, there are going to inevitably be some women who are going to want their vagina to be the only vagina in the house. For situations like that, the Pure offers up a solution. My partner thinks the more vaginas the merrier, so I bought yet another Fleshlight with a vagina entry that looks cloned from other three that I own. The gold case aside, it was deja vu. I’ve got an Ice with the Pure entry though and one cool thing is that you get into the texture just a little bit quicker—there’s a little less padding.

Shop the STU here on, or the Endurance Jack on

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10 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    I have been having trouble deciding on my first fleshlight and this well written article gave me my answer. Such a descriptive and well written article. Hats off to you sir. Your intelligence is appreciated.

  2. Michael says:

    I have ED. So, as a sex device reviewer can you recommend what is best for a soft or semi-erect penis? The Fleshlight seems to need an erect penis for entering and stroking. Have you reviewed the Tenga Flip 0 or the Tenga Flip 0 EV. One reviewer I have read in the past likes the Tenga Flip models because the penis can be placed inside and then the unit closed around the penis, thus avoiding the need for initial penetration. He then argues that the vibrations provided by the EV version aids stimulation for those with ED due to diabetic neuropathy. Please respond with any recommendations you may have. I ask, not just out of interest, but also because I thought the above review regarding varied Fleshlight models to have been well developed and articulated.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      I have tried the Tenga Flip Black and I can see how that might be one way to help with the issue as the reviewer described. However, I’ve only tried the regular Flip Black, which has a more stiff/less squishy inner material and I didn’t care for the feel of it. I have read that the non-Black versions of their toys are more supple and more Fleshlight like though, and I do like the feel of the Tenga Eggs. So, I can see how it might help, but I can’t personally vouch for it through my own experience. However, I would second the recommendation to consider vibration as a source of stimulation. Over the past year I have been playing with the Hot Octopuss Jett, which is a male vibrator—a “guybrator”, they call it. It has dual vibes—a low frequency and a high frequency, which allows you to dial in exactly the sensation that works for you, which is one of the things that makes it more effective for men than a standard vibrator designed more for women. Since the nerve-endings in a penis are more distributed than they are in a clitoris, different frequencies—particularly the lower and more wobbly frequencies, can be felt more intensely. Though I haven’t experienced long-term ED, I can say that one of the most fun and pleasurable things to do with it is put it on (it actually hugs onto your penis and you can use it hands-free) while still soft. Without ED, it will cause an erection really quickly, but in my experience, the sensation can be so intense and pleasurable, that I can feel an orgasm coming on before the erection is even full. So, I believe it could work. That’s the one I have personal experience with.

      Now, although I don’t have experience with it personally, Hot Octopuss does make another product that you should definitely take a look at called the Pulse. The Pulse is similar to a vibrator but what it actually is is an oscillator. They actually based the design of this on a medical device that was developed specifically to induce orgasms and ejaculation for men with ED so that they could produce sperm for an egg. Hot Octopuss just made it more for uh…recreational use. On the site, they actually note, “With PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, you can even enjoy masturbation without erection. Simply put your flaccid penis into the toy and let the PulsePlate™ do all the work. This also makes PULSE the perfect sex toy for those with erection problems or for older people who might just like some extra help.” It targets the frenulum, or the area just under the head on the underside of the penis with the most dense cluster of nerve endings, and applies a high frequency oscillation. Again, I haven’t used it, but from what I’ve read, and from some videos I’ve seen of it in use, it’s apparently very effective and enjoyable. It’s on my list to try, but I haven’t yet. However, I encourage you to do some research into it.

      Hope some of that helps. Good luck on that.

  3. Brandon says:

    I appreciate the review. Well written. I really don’t need a stamina boost. Due to some chronic urological issues lasting a long time in bed is the least of my worries. I don’t know what it’s like to be a guy who has stamina issues, but I can assure you the other end of the spectrum is not much fun. With all the hype of this unit I had to give it a try. First off it was the first masturbation sleeve to take me over the edge in years. It took a while at first, but it paid off. So the odd thing is the more I use the STU the more sensitivity I gain. Everything feels a little easier now, and it shows in solo sessions as well in partner play. So if there are any guys reading this who have struggled with this issue I’d recommend giving the STU a try. Worst case scenario you’re out a little bit of money.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience here, and glad to read that the STU it has helped you in a different way! A lot of guys, myself included, have found that our overall sexual response and performance has seen a boost since using a Fleshlight—just about any Fleshlight model—more often than than the default “jerking off” method. In fact, some guys develop what is commonly called “death grip syndrome” (which is medically known as delayed ejaculation) from jerking off dry with too much pressure for too long. Jerking off is a completely different type of stimulation than what you experience during intercourse—more of a tissue massage than gliding friction, and developing a reliance on that in order to get off can, over time, result in trouble responding to the gliding friction type of stimulation that you experience during intercourse. In other words, you don’t feel much during sex and can’t get off. Using a Fleshlight, which does more closely simulate the type of lubricated friction you enjoy during sex, helps you become less dependent on the deep massage type of stimulation, and thus more responsive a wider variety of stimulations—in other words, helps you regain sensitivity. Perhaps this is a bit of what has happened for you.

      At any rate, thanks again for sharing. This isn’t the type of thing most of us talk about in detail with people face-to-face in our real lives, but this stuff is actually really important to our overall health, wellness, and enjoyment of life, so people sharing candid experiences here definitely helps others in the same boat.

  4. Matt says:

    I would love to see a review on the Destroya sleeve, as well as some of the long distance interactive couples toys that are currently available such as the Lush or the Hush, or the Max and Nora. I’m active duty military and so I spend a lot of time away from my wife, we’ve been thinking about trying some of these toys but they seem cost prohibitive and I haven’t personally found any quality, in depth reviews on them. We’d really appreciate it if you guys were to take a look and let us know what you think!

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. First, I do have a Destroya review in the works. I haven’t finished all the editing etc., but I’ll go ahead and give you the shortest version, which is—honestly, to me, it’s not living up to the hype. It’s a little too tight, and I’m definitely text-book average, and there’s nothing about the sensation that really stands out. It’s still more fun than your hand, but I could let it go and not miss it as long as I could keep the Mini Lotus, Flight Pilot, or even the STU. And between the STU and the Destroya, the STU is definitely the more powerful one (the way I’m feeling it, anyway). I’ve read reviews where others have said that based on the similar design, the Flight Pilot is just a smaller Destroya, but that’s not how it has turned out feeling for me. With the Flight Pilot, I can sometimes feel the textures very distinctly—at the very least, it’s just a wash of sweetness, whereas the Destorya—both the generic and the Stoya Destroya (I am comparing them) is just tight and vague.

      Second, the suggestion on checking out the long-distance interactive toys is a great idea. My wife and I are actually working on a remote-control/long-distance vibrator round-up review that includes the Lush, which has unfortunately died mid-review, along with the latest We-Vibe, Vibease, and OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 1. I’ll cut to the spoiler on that one too: We-Vibe all the way. OhMiBod is junk (we went through two of them), the Lush is dead, and you can’t even really control the Vibease yourself beyond on/off without creating an online account with your email address—they mostly want to sell women cheesy erotic audio books to sync with it. (And seriously, they’re terribly cheesy.) But the We-Vibe continues to be both a solid product in general, has a lot of features, and great connectivity. Plus, when you’re together, it can actually be used as a couple’s vibe. We probably use it at least every fourth time we have sex now. She freakin’ loves it and that makes me freakin’ love it too.

      However, none of those products is really inclusive of an interactive remote experience designed specifically for the male partner, which is where the Max and Nora come in. So, I’ll take a closer look at that and I think you’ve got a perfect use case. I just hope they hold up better than their Lush.

      Also worth checking out are products from Kiroo. In addition to having their own line of interactive products for both men and women, they are the ones who engineered Fleshlight Launch, which I reviewed earlier in the year here, but haven’t gotten into the toy-to-toy interactivity. So, it might be something to look into if you already have a Fleshlight, but again, can’t personally vouch. Likewise, you might want to see if there are some decent reviews on the Kiroo products. I’ll be doing some research too.

      And wow, yeah, these are super expensive. Now I’ve got to convince my wife/partner/editor here it’s worth checking these out, but your comment and your particular situation make a great case for doing it. And thank you for your service. We’ll definitely be keeping the long-distance situation that you and so many other military couples are dealing with in mind as we consider this. Let us know if you’d like a direct e-mail update if we pursue it.

      • Mark says:

        Hi, regarding the We-Vibe, did you try the JIVE, or the SYNC model? After looking at them I kind of want to try both with my wife!

        • In Bed Staff says:

          It was a couple of years ago, so neither of those exact models existed at the time, but what we had (or actually, what we have and still use very frequently) is the We-Vibe 4+, which is similar in design to the SYNC model, except that it doesn’t have the adjustable bend spots. We tried a product similar in design to the JIVE called the Lush, by Lovense, and she didn’t care for it too much. The JIVE and Lovense Lush are both optimized for internal stimulation. Though discreetly wearable, the designs don’t do much for the clitoris. That might be perfect for some women, but my wife is all about prioritizing the external stimulation and then anything additional inside is icing on the cake. So while we use the heck out of the We-Vibe 4+ (similar to the Sync), the Lovense Lush (similar to the JIVE) goes unused. Results may vary of course, and naturally, you know your wife best.

          We are working on a remote/app-controlled vibrator article, which is why we were playing with the Lush in the first place, and one of the goals was to test how wearable the different models were. The We-Vibe 4+ remained my wife’s pick for that category as well, but she kind of lucked out on that because the shape just happens to work well with her body—it might not work perfectly for everyone, so I imagine the ability to adjust the SYNC would make it even better and more wearable for a wider variety of women, if that happens to be your use case.

          Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for the question! Here’s our We-Vibe experience if you haven’t checked that out yet.

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for this great review! You have sold me on it. We already have three Fleshlights, but I really think I want to try this one out in the near future. I have a FL shower mount and have started a regular routine of edging many mornings, or after being at the health club, while in the shower. My wife asked me several months ago to try to work on my stamina so I can last longer for her to reach her orgasm plateaus during prolonged intercourse (She was able to do this with past boyfriends and misses that type of extended sex when we make love.) The FL sessions have started to help. We have both noticed a difference – so far. Thanks for being a great resource here!

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