Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs. Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

Fleshlight Turbo review and comparison

Fleshlight says their Fleshlight and Fleshjack Turbo models offer you “the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex”. I already thought that Fleshlights were a decent alternative to oral sex when you have no volunteers—sometimes they can even be better depending on the skill level you’re comparing it to, but apparently the Fleshlight Turbo is the official best alternative the company offers? I can’t say I would have guessed that by the way it looks.

Fleshlight Turbos
Fleshjack Turbos (gay market)

A very different entry

At first glance, the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition and Thrust appear to just be colorful variations of the standard full-size Fleshight forumula—big, soft, fuckable sleeves stuffed into the classic Fleshlight case—with the most noticeable departure, thanks to the see-through cases, being the choice of a metallic “Copper” color or a blue-tinted clear “Ice” material for the sleeves. (More on the material later.) But, the entries of both Turbo models represent a big departure from anything else in their product lineup.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and Ignition entries side-by-side
No lips! Left: Fleshlight Turbo Thrust entry, in metallic copper. Right: Ignition entry in blue Ice.

I am actually kinda glad that Fleshlight’s “most satisfying alternative to oral sex” skips any attempt to look like a mouth. I’ve always found the can o’ lips appearance more unsettling than erotically alluring. Instead, the madness you see above and below appears to be an example of form following function. There are three distinct entry points—two separate independently suspended ports surrounded by open cutout areas, followed by a third entry point, which is where the actual texture part of the sleeve immediately begins. In the cutout areas between the floating entries, you can actually see yourself pass through if you care to have a close look.

How it works

As you stroke with the Turbos, the two floating entries gently grip your penis and move independently of one another, the intended effect supposedly being something similar to the light caress of lips and tongue.

On the Fleshlight site, they specify that the first entry is intended to feel like lips, the second entry is supposed to feel like a tongue, and then the third entry is supposed to feel like a throat. (See below.) The effect is more pronounced on the out-stroke, during which the bands linger and drag along the contours of the penis as they are pulled away from it. Meanwhile, the open cutout sections surrounding the ports allow some air to pass through the area, creating a gentle and airy feeling that is indeed somewhat similar to what you might feel during a blow job. Never before, in my experience, has an entry on a Fleshlight contributed so much to the sensation and effect.

New ways to play—the Turbos put a bit of novelty and discovery back into masturbation

One particularly interesting aspect of this entry design is that it gives you some new ways to play with the Fleshlight. The conventional way to enjoy it is obvious—you enter directly through the two circular entry ports and go straight into the third entry point to start feeling the effect of the textures. But, with the cut out areas and moving ports, you can enter via any open area you want for a different effect. Not only that, but you can choose to bypass the richness of the texture completely and slide through the entry sideways, allowing the port tethers to wrap around and tease different zones. You can even enter from one of the sides and poke back out the entry if you want. Whether you’re closing your eyes and imagining a partner switching things up by adding delicate finger movements, or you’re just enjoying the view of pleasure in action, the Fleshlight Turbos encourage a bit more play and experimentation than a typical Fleshlight.

Ways to play with the Fleshlight Turbos.
New ways to play—you can do more than just stroke up and down with the Turbos. Try getting tangled up and twisted in the tethers for some different and interesting sensations. This looks weird, but it feels nice. This is a particularly fun way to “finish”.

As for the third entry, where the textures immediately begin, there is no additional lead-in to the texture like there is on a regular Fleshlight—you can clearly see the texture beginning just inside the entry. From here, the textures attempt to carry on the illusion of a blow job (and then some) using a combination of nubs, rings, wavy little lines, and other creative shapes to the point of supposedly simulating the ultimate in BJ splendor—the deep throat sensation.

But how close is it to feeling like oral sex?

Based on my personal experience with BJs, the Fleshlight Turbos feel…BJ-ish. They feel more like oral sex than any other Fleshlights I’ve tried, thanks to the light airiness and extra movement at the entry point, but they’re not quite as good at tricking the brain and body into feeling like it’s “the real deal” the way that some Fleshlights can come pretty close to approximating the genital-level feel of intercourse. But to be fair, simulating convincing oral is a real challenge.

One of the most distinct characteristic of a good BJ is all of the additional internal movement that you feel swirling around you courtesy of your partner’s tongue. Although the entry of the Turbos makes an attempt to recreate that on the outset, the inside is still a static tube absent of those oh so exciting internal swirls and counter movements. Any stimulating friction is still going to come from a conventional stroking motion via your hand. To get that kind of thing from a Fleshlight, you’d have to start talking about some internal animatronics or something.

Another thing that makes simulating oral sex such a tricky prospect is that a BJ experience can vary so much from one partner to the next, and the quality of the experience is highly dependent on the knowledge, talents, and enthusiasm of the giver. In other words, what I feel from the Turbos doesn’t necessarily come off as distinctly a BJ sensation to me, but it is indeed reminiscent of some BJs I’ve experienced, and it may feel exactly like a BJ that I haven’t experienced…yet—such as the “deep throat” variety. Does that make sense? So, about that…

The “deep throat” thing

Fleshlight claims the Turbos give you a “deep throat” experience. Confession: I’ve never experienced a deep-throat BJ—it has just never been the luck of the draw for me. And currently, the woman I fell in love with makes me happier than I knew it was possible to be, but she doesn’t do the deep throat thing. And that’s okay. I know I couldn’t do it! Hell, I gag on straws. And honestly, the thought of my dick literally inside someone’s throat doesn’t really turn me on. (Is that weird for a guy? What about for a guy who writes about sex toys? I don’t even know anymore.) Nevertheless, the words on the Fleshlight Turbo box promise “the tight, spine-tingling sensation of deep throating”. So right off the bat, I can’t tell you if the Turbos deliver on that aspect realistically or not, but I will say that if what the Turbos do to you feels anything at all like what deep throating feels like, I now understand why it’s considered the crown jewel of BJs.

I did some Googling about a regular BJ vs. the deep-throat variety, and here’s how one person on Quora described the deepthroat:

It feels awesome. If they know what they’re doing and they’re not all wrapped up in gag-reflex, it’s like someone’s trying to yank an orgasm right out of the very core of your being.

Well, holy shit. That sounds nice…on the receiving end, at least.

Have you ever felt a deep-throat BJ? What does it feel like? Let us know in the comments, because I don’t know.

So anyway, I guess instead of feeling sorry for myself for not yet having experienced an “orgasm being yanked out of the very core of my being”—and given that I don’t want a partner to actually gag on my dick—I’m feeling pretty lucky to have a non-gagging happy-to-do-it Fleshlight that might be kinda close.

And though I don’t have anything in real life to compare it too, I do believe one of the Turbos—the Ignition—is more like the “deep throat” than the other, but I’ll get into that a bit further down.

The Fleshlight Turbo Experience vs. Regular Fleshlights

The entries of the Turbos obviously set them apart from pretty much every other product the company has put out so far. In fact, the multi-point floating entry design, to my knowledge, makes them unique among all similar male products on the market right now. And as mentioned earlier in regards to the “new ways to play” using the entry points, the difference is as noticeable in the way it feels as it is in the way it looks.

Standard Fleshlight vs. Turbo
Standard Fleshlight vs. Turbo

Whether they have or nondescript, yet inexplicably enticing “happy holes” (as I like to call them), conventional Fleshlights put up some gentle resistance upon penetration, which is what gives you that immediate and oh-so-nice “yes, I’m going inside of something” feeling. The Turbos, on the other hand, are indeed somewhat reminiscent of a BJ in the way that there is less of a feeling of pushing into something (as is the case of penetration) and more of a feeling of being taken in effortlessly. You feel very little resistance at first, but rather a light encircling and almost gentle fondling feeling until you are an inch inside the main part of the sleeve, at which point it then begins to offer up some more substantial resistance to push through.

The other noticeable difference, as mentioned earlier, is the airiness that you feel around whatever part of you is in the entry area, thanks to the openings in the side. It is definitely a different feeling from the conventional Fleshlight models.

I’ve actually tried comparing two regular Fleshlights with different entries—a Destroya with the regular generic vagina entry, and a Stoya Destroya with the molded Girls entry—blindfolded to see if I could tell any difference at all between them, and I couldn’t. And although the non-anatomical entries on models like the Ice Pure, Go Torque, and Flight Pilot feel slightly different when you enter, the initial feeling of resistance at penetration is basically the same across the board. With the Turbos, on the other hand, I can definitely feel a difference—a light, gentle, surrounding and entanglement with some subtle movement but very little resistance. If you get a Turbo, you are not getting just another variation of a regular Fleshlight.

The Turbo sleeves are more sticky than the pink sleeves

Both sleeve materials seem to be stickier than the typical pink sleeves. They’re more like the clear Ice sleeves, which are known to be stickier than the pink ones, and like the Ice sleeves, I wouldn’t want to use the renewing powder to alleviate the stickiness the way you might with a pink sleeve for fear of clouding them. So, just know that a little extra stickiness when dry is a fact of life. It doesn’t matter once they’re lubed, of course, but I’ve read a lot of comments from Fleshlight newbies who are really surprised (and sometimes disappointed) by the stickiness of Fleshlight sleeves in general. I was a little put off at first also, but it didn’t take more than a few seconds once actually using a Fleshlight before I stopped caring. Nonetheless, you’ll want to be extra careful not to drop these on the floor because they’ll act like $60 lint rollers.

PSA: the Fleshlight Turbo cases are not Launch compatible

The Fleshlight Launch is Fleshlight’s interactive motion device—it’s literally a sex machine that will pleasure you using a standard-sized Fleshlight and can be paired with VR and synced to online adult content. (See our in-depth review.) The Turbo cases will not fit in the Launch. They look nearly identical to regular full-size cases, but they won’t snap in. You can, however, stuff a Turbo sleeve into a regular case and then snap that case into the Launch, which I have tried and have enjoyed.

Turbo vs. Turbo

Obviously the Turbos are different from the rest of the full-size Fleshlights, but what’s the difference between the different Turbos? First, you’ve got your choice between two very different textures—Thrust and Ignition, and then there are two different materials with unique colors— metallic Copper and Blue Ice. So, you essentially have four different variations from these combos. I chose the Copper Thrust and a Blue Ice Ignition for this review, and although I’ve only played with these two, I believe all four are different experiences—there are differences in the materials that go beyond just a color preference.

Fleshlight Turbo packaging
The Fleshlight Turbos as they come packaged from the factory. You’ve got a choice of two colors and two textures.

Metallic Copper sleeves vs. Blue Ice sleeves

I believe I’m feeling some subtle differences between these two materials. The Blue Ice, like other Ice models, feels a little more firm and slightly more artificial than both the usual pink sleeves and the Copper metallic Turbo sleeve. When lubricated, there is an extra glossiness to the Blue Ice surface and it seems to lack that little extra layer of richness that the Copper sleeve has. Again, it’s very subtle and it’s similar to the difference I’ve noticed between other clear Ice sleeves and their pink counterparts. It seems to be the tradeoff for being able to see what’s going on inside, which can sometimes be worth it.

The metallic copper color available exclusively on Fleshlight Turbos borders on orange.

I’ve only ever encountered a metallic colored sleeve in the Quickshot Boost, which has a gray metallic sleeve, and like the sleeve in the Boost, the Copper sleeve seems more jiggly and pliable than the standard pink or Ice sleeves. (I think this may be the same type of material used in the Fleshlight Alien model, but can’t be certain since I haven’t seen one of those in real life.) During use, I found the feel of the Copper material seemed to be just slightly softer, more sensual, and more gentle than the Blue Ice. This, again, is not a dramatic difference, but noticeable enough that with the Copper sleeve I really “went there” mentally—I automatically slipped into a half memory/half fantasy of a BJ that I might or might not have ever received. I’d say it’s the more “realistic” of the two.

fleshlight blue ice material option
The blue Ice option is just plain exciting. It’s kind of sporty in blue, plus you can see the action inside.

With the Blue Ice on the other hand, I have more of a constant sense that it’s a Fleshlight and am less likely to drift into a fantasy/memory. (This could also have something to do with the see-through factor.) But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! With the Blue Ice, I’m more prone to just appreciate it for what it is—a variation of something the feels really, really good. Sometimes, with a Fleshlight, I’m not really fantasizing about doing anything else—I’m not watching porn, not imagining sex with a partner—just using the Fleshlight and being amazed by how good it feels, and that’s what I found myself doing with the Blue Ice.

So, if it’s a more natural sensation you want, I’d lean towards the Copper, but if you want a more novel experience, the Blue Ice is more in that vein. But, you aren’t done with your decision-making yet (unless, like me, you buy both). In addition to different materials, we’re still looking at two very different internal textures here.

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition vs. Thrust textures

I bought one of each—a Blue Ice Ignition and a Copper Thrust—specifically because I thought it was important to compare both in order to do a true blowout review for In Bed. But now that these are just my own for-fun Fleshlights to add to my personal inventory, which is growing embarrassingly large, I am really glad I have both because these are two very different Fleshlights. The feel of the materials may be somewhat subtle, but the difference in design between the Ignition and Thrust textures is immediately noticeable, both visually and in terms of sensation.

Fleshlight Turbo Textures compared
Thrust on the left, Ignition on the right. The pictures on the box—eh, they don’t do them justice, but they give you an idea of how they’re different.

Earlier, I confessed that I have never personally experienced a “deep throat” BJ, but between the Ignition and the Thrust textures, the Thrust feels most similar to the BJ’s I’m familiar with, and the Ignition feels like what I would imagine “deep throating” might feel like. The Ignition feels very different to me. It’s not just different from any other Fleshlight I’ve used, but in terms of the BJs it aims to approximate, it feels unlike any that I’ve experienced. The main distinguishing feature is this cluster of bulbous nubs that occurs maybe 3-inches into the sleeve. It creates sensation of internal resistance that you have to push against very gently at first, but after a little bit of added pressure, it suddenly seems to take you in more aggressively—I think it might be due to the inward angle. So, you feel pleasure for the first part of the stroke, encounter a little resistance, and then this sudden grip followed by a higher volume of stimulation.

My first experience with the Turbo Ignition: Fast and Memorable

I gasped out loud the first time I felt the sensation of passing through that cluster and it really surprised me. It was different and it felt really, really good. (See the animation below, simulated by using a test tube, you can see the resistance.) It put pressure on all the sweetest spots (you know the ones I’m talking about) all at once, and the sense of being taken in past the tighter area created a lightning quick anticipation of feeling that sensation further down, followed by anticipation of feeling the sensation repeated with the next pass. When you feel something nice, you always want to feel it again, but with this…this felt so good there was an utter urgency—a near desperation to feel it again.

Between the newness of this sensation and the effect of the pressure points strategically stimulating the richest contours of my anatomy, I was at the point of no return faster than I could believe, and the release was a 10+ contraction tidal wave that I got to see play out clearly, thanks to the Blue Ice material.

As I caught my breath, I thought, “if that’s even half of what a deep throat experience feels like…then fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

But, I didn’t even have time to really get into a fantasy about the greatest BJ ever or anything like that. In fact, I didn’t imagine a BJ or any scenario at all, let alone a deep throat experience. I was just consumed, in the moment, by the pleasure the Ignition was causing me to feel. I think I really got lost there for a few minutes.

So, that was nice.

See the Turbo Ignition on Fleshlight.com >

The Turbo Thrust: Luxurious and Familiar

The Thrust is less aggressive, but that’s far from an insult. I chose the Copper material to pair with the Thrust texture and the result is a sensation that is more natural, luxurious, and spoiling than the Ignition. It is indeed somewhat reminiscent of a couple of the better BJs I’ve experienced. (Notice I said “reminiscent”. I wouldn’t say it nails a BJ, but once things got going, I was able to “go there”.)

There isn’t any sort of specific resistance point that you pass through like inside the Ignition, so there’s no sudden gasp of “oh my God”. What I feel instead is this increasing snugness, softness, and overall wrap of pleasure. You can essentially see why if you take a look at how the texture tapers and narrows. Whereas with the Ignition I get this instant anticipation of feeling that “pass through” sensation over and over again, the Thrust brings on the pleasure in such a steady and linear stream with each stroke that there is no mid-stroke gap time for anticipation of what comes next. Like…it starts out nice at the start of the stroke, and just get’s nicer and nicer and nicer until you’re just engulfed and surrounded by luxurious, intimate, silky softness.

I don’t really perceive a distinct sensation from the rings, nubs, or ribs of the texture the way I do in the Ignition or some of the regular Fleshlights I’ve tried—it just blends into this wall of pleasant softness. The Thrust doesn’t pull any fancy tricks like the Ignition, it just relies on delivering the tried and true silkiness that a penis-haver craves, and that simplicity is appreciated.

The Thrust has, in fact, become my go-to Fleshlight for the rare occasions that I have time to edge—to really wallow in the throws of extended self-pleasuring indulgence. Times like those call for something built for spoiling comfort, not for blazing speed, and that’s the real value I find in the Thrust.

As breath-taking as the Ignition can be, and as memorable as my first experience with the Ignition will remain, if I could only keep one, it would be actually be the Copper Thrust. I was able to document my first time with the Ignition very easily and clearly from memory because of that one memorable first time, but I’ve found myself using the Copper Thrust so much more often that I can’t even pick out any one specific time—and that says something.

Check out the Turbo Thrust on Fleshlight.com >

Verdict: the Fleshlight Turbos…

In my experience, a BJ is actually harder to simulate with a toy than even regular sex. The quality of an oral experience depends less on texture, movement, and softness, and more on your partner’s experience, technique, creativity, and…most importantly, their enthusiasm. So, looking to a Fleshlight to replicate much beyond the simple mechanics of stimulation is a tall order. I wouldn’t say the Turbos nail it, but far as Fleshlights go, the Turbos definitely feel more BJ-ish than the rest of their conventional Fleshlights. This is similar to what I’ve written before about Fleshlights in general. Do they feel like actual sex? Well, they definitely feel more like sex than your hand does. Same with the Turbos—they feel more like a BJ then your hand, and more BJ-ish than other Fleshlights.

With the Copper Thrust in particular, I’ve slipped into some nice scenarios and spank bank clips in my mind, but part of me has always been conscious of the fact that I’m using “the BJ Fleshlight”, so perhaps my brain is just playing into it in order to help me have some fun. (Thanks, brain.) I wouldn’t recommend approaching these dead-set on it feeling like the greatest BJs you’ve ever had, but if you want a more BJ-ish Fleshight, they deliver.

If you’re looking for your first (and only, for a while) Fleshlight, I’d recommend you stick with one of their more conventional models because there’s still some special sump’n-sump’n to those that you don’t want to miss out on as part of your foray into the wonderful world of adult feel-good play things. But if you’re already Fleshlight-initiated and are looking for the most variety, I think the Fleshlight Turbos offer you the biggest departure from the norm for your buck.

If I were to recommend one of the models over the other purely in terms of sensation, I’d actually bet on guiding you to order a combo that I did not actually try—the Copper Ignition. Although it’s not one that I used and reviewed here, I imagine it being the best of both worlds: the most exciting texture paired with the more luxurious of the two materials. Although I have zero need for any more Fleshlights for a long time, I’m a little tempted to order just one more because I want to know what that combe feels like. (See, this is how you get hooked.)

But between the two that I did review here, if I could keep just one, it would be the Copper Thrust. The material wins.

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  1. Succhiailmiocazzo says:

    Finally a review of the textures. Why doesn’t the company offer comparisons?

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    I already expressed my gratitude and admiration commenting the Fleshlight Launch review 😉
    So I’ll just – sadly – report that the copper color and material is no longer available on the Fleshlight site… maybe there are some leftovers if one gets lucky. Too bad: I was convinced and wanted the model you favored.
    I’ll consider the Blue Ice Thrust, then.

  4. frederic says:

    I already expressed my gratitude and admiration commenting the Fleshlight Launch review 😉
    So I’ll just – sadly – report that the copper color and material is no longer available on the Fleshlight site… maybe there are some leftovers if one gets lucky. Too bad: I was convinced and wanted the model you favored.
    I’ll consider the Blue Ice Thrust, then.

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