Fleshlight Quickshot Boost and Vantage

Fleshlight Quickshot Comparison Review

It’s the Fleshlight you wished existed when you were living in a college dorm—super compact, easy to hide, and fast to clean and dry. The Fleshlight Quickshot.

If you’ve been turned off by the massive size, recognizable shape, price, and cleanup regimen of a regular Fleshlight but have been interested in something more luxe than your own hand, the new Fleshlight Quickshot could be what you’ve been waiting for. And if you’ve already got a Fleshlight but have often wished for something a little less involved and lower-maintenance for everyday use, read on—the Quickshot has some unique advantages as well as some compromises.

Completely new to Fleshlights? Read our original Fleshlight Deep-dive article.

Fleshlght Quickshot Vantage and Boost in Packages.

Two choices: The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage (left) is a see-through Ice model, and the Boost (right) is based on the classic design. Each has a different texture.



Length (caps off): 3.5-inches
Length (caps on): 4-inches
Diameter (at cap): 2.5-inches
Weight: 8 5/8 oz.
Textures available: 2

Price: $38
Check current prices on Fleshlight.com. Sometimes they seem to change shortly after a product launch so what we list here may not be current by the time you read this.

As with the other orders we’ve done with Fleshlight, the ordering and shipping direct from Fleshlight.com went fine. See our original Fleshlight Deep-dive for details about what the packaging and credit card statements look like.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost and Vantage

X2: Two end-caps, two entries, two models to choose from…Quickshot Boost (left) and Vantage (right).

Available in two models: Vantage and Boost

The Vantage is the see-through model (usually referred to as “Ice” among the rest of the Fleshlight products), and the Quickshot in the black case is called the Boost. We purchased one of each in order to compare them. The Vantage is made out of the same material as the rest of the see-through Ice Fleshlights, and like the other Ice models, the see-through feature is cool, but the sleeve material seems a little extra sticky. The sleeve in the black case is grey with some kind of sparkle effect added to the material, which is definitely a departure from the usual pink sleeve. Each has a different and unique texture.

Fleslight Quickshot Boost with end caps removed.

Fleshlight? What Fleshlight? The Quickshots don’t even try to look like a flashlight. But don’t worry, it says Fleshlight on the other side. Just in case you forget? Above, the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost with both end-caps off.

Design: It’s a fraction of a Fleshlight that doesn’t even try to look like a flashlight—or even a Fleshlight.

One of the points of the Fleshlight is that when it’s in a case, it doesn’t look like a sex toy. So, why do they keep putting the words “Fleshlight” on the case?

The Fleshlight Quickshots are basically just a 3.5-inch section of sleeve with two equally sized minimal generic entries, held by an even shorter section of case about the diameter of a DSLR camera lens. There are two end caps to keep it safe during storage or to act as a sort of stand during pauses. It really does look sort of like a camera lens or a cup when the caps are on. When the caps are off, this Fleshlight is completely open ended—you can enter either side and most guys will pop out the other side.

When I got my first full-sized Fleshlight, I was shocked by how enormous it was—I’m just as surprised by how small the Quickshots are. The photos on the site don’t really convey the scale. Is it weird to call a sex toy cute? The small size easily makes this the most discreet, compact, and concealable Fleshlight you can buy. It may also make it less intimidating than the full-size Fleshlight for guys who are a little nervous about getting their first sex toy.

Other than the fact that it’s tiny, it’s got a lot of the design attributes of the rest of the Fleshlights—sturdy and tough.

Fleshlight Quickshots vs. Regular Fleshlights

Fleshlight sizes compared.

S, M, L: Actually, large, medium, and small, left to right. The full-size Fleshlight vs. Fleshlight Go vs. Fleshlight Quickshot.

The advantages of a compact size and open-ended design

At first glance, a little slice of Fleshlight might seem kind of chintzy when one of the points of a Fleshlight is the satisfaction of being able to “go all in”, but there are a few distinct advantage to a 3.5-inch Fleshlight beyond its affordability.

Super-secret and easy-to-hide

It’s a recurring theme and one of the most frequently asked questions by guys who are hemming and hawing about whether or not to get a Fleshlight or something like it: “How and where do I hide it? I’ve got roommates and not a lot of privacy”. Although the Fleshlight Flight and Fleshlight Go are an improvement over the full-size Fleshlight in terms of concealability and privacy, the tiny size and non-descript design of the Quickshot makes it about as easy to hide as a rolled up pair of socks. Unlike any other Fleshlight or any other sex toy that I can think of, it truly is easy to overlook when sitting on a shelf among other objects.

Well, except for the fact that it says “Fleshlight” in huge letters on one side and “Quickshot” on the other. I understand the need to brand. It makes sense on running shoes, tires, computers and mobile devices, and even clothing…I’ll even concede that I understand the massive branding that happens on the waistband of my underwear…but I don’t understand why they keep putting such conspicuously huge brand lettering on an intimate and private product that was designed specifically to be discreet. It kind of defeats the point. They toned down the branding and kept it small on the Fleshlight Flight, which I still think is more discreet in some ways because of that. But on the Quickshots, they’ve maximized the branding. I think they should rethink this since the Quickshots are sort of the Fleshlight that can otherwise go places that the big one can’t…places where modesty is a priority such as college dorms.

Easy to clean and truly quick to dry

Check it out—you can easily turn this little sleeve inside out to make sure it really gets clean and dry.

One of the most commonly voiced downsides of Fleshlights is the cleaning and drying. Truth be told, the cleaning isn’t super hard, but cleaning the Quickshots is almost as easy as washing your hands—and thank goodness—because the Quickshots are also the messiest Fleshlights ever. (More on that when we get to the downsides of a small, open-ended design.) But what’s even better is that they dry quickly, unlike most other Fleshlights and fuckable sex toys. Faster drying means that you can put it away more quickly after using it, which means it’s more practical to use more often, which also means that you get to feel that nice feeling just about any time you want, not just when you have time to deal with the cleanup.

Because the sleeve is short and because it doesn’t have a flared entry, it can easily be turned inside out without risk of damaging or over-stretching it. Doing so can speed up drying because you can shake, blot, and air dry both the inside and the outside. It also allows you to easily inspect the inside to make sure that it is truly clean and dry. If you’ve ever dealt with cleaning and drying a full-size Fleshlight, you know this is a huge benefit.

Also, the internal diameter of the sleeves are a little wider than regular Fleshlights, and the entries aren’t constricted. Both of these design aspects also improve the flow of water during cleaning and the flow of air during drying.

More enjoyable orgasms!

Hooray, orgasms!

I just felt like this section needed some sort of picture, so here is what a great orgasm looks like in my head. And here’s the attribution to the photographer who I am sure is just thrilled as all fuck that this photo is in a sex toy review. “Fireworks4 amk” by user:AngMoKio – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fireworks4_amk.jpg#/media/File:Fireworks4_amk.jpg

Okay…this part might be subjective, but I’ve read enough comments, emails, and forum posts to know that I’m not alone in regards to one of my frustrations when using regular Fleshlights. Although a Fleshlight makes the “getting there” part way better than when using the hand, when the orgasm lights up, the head of my penis gets so sensitive that the feeling of the Fleshlight wrapped around it suddenly feels overwhelming—so much so that I can’t continue to move during the orgasm or else it almost hurts. This is actually a natural biological response. At the point of orgasm during sex, nature wants you to thrust as deeply into the vagina as possible and hold it there during ejaculation. This makes sure that the sperm are deposited as far up inside the vagina as possible so that they’ll have a better chance of making it to the egg. That overwhelming sensitivity at the head of your penis during an orgasm is nature’s way of encouraging all of that to happen. But, a vagina is softer and more subtly gentle than a Fleshlight or any other sex toy could possibly be, so the sensation isn’t quite as shocking during sex and you can still move at least a little bit during the orgasm.

So, I’ve always felt that although using a Fleshlight makes the overall experience feel better than when just using your hand—especially the bulk of the time, which is spent working up towards the orgasm, the actual orgasm is better with your hand because you can continue to stimulate below the head during the orgasm, which makes the orgasm longer, deeper, and more powerful. For that reason, many of the times that I’ve used a Fleshlight, I’ve actually pulled out to finish with my hand because I want to enjoy the orgasm more. That’s kind of an anticlimax because the Fleshlight is feeling so good everywhere except for the head.

Most guys who are 4.5 inches or longer will pop out the other side when all the way inside the Fleshlight Quickshot. This means that when the orgasm hits, you’ll be able to continue to move the Fleshlight just under the head during the orgasm, much like you probably do with your hand when you just jerk off. But, when you do this with the Fleshlight Quickshot, you’re feeling something nicer than your hand—you’re continuing to feel the same sweetness of the Fleshlight that brought you to that orgasm in the first place…during the orgasm. This means longer, stronger, more breathtaking orgasms. That’s simply awesome—the best of both worlds, defying both nature and the limits of a Fleshlight.

Perfect for couples’ play.

We thought the see-through Fleshlight Go Ice Torque was the best Fleshlight for couples’ play ever when we reviewed it a few months ago. In particular, we noted that the smaller (than regular Fleshlight) size and the see-through effect made it more comfortable and more intimate for a partner to work it. We imagine that the Fleshlight Quickshots will go a step further and prove to be even better than the Go Ice for partner play. In fact, one of the suggestions on the Quickshot package is that the Quickshot can be used to enhance or supplement oral sex…you know…for breaks instead of the dreaded switching to the hand. We haven’t had a chance to put that to the test yet because we want to go ahead and get this article out the door ASAP, and the last time my In Bed co-editor and I hooked up we were in a no-toys-in-the-bed kind of mood, but we’ll come back and update this section soon. (Please, wish me luck and Godspeed.)

The down-sides of a short, open-ended Fleshlight

But it’s not all blissful orgasms and easy-breezy cleanup. The Fleshlight Quickshot has a few quirks to be aware of.

It’s messy.

A regular Fleshlight mostly keeps the lube and whatnot more or less contained inside the sleeve until you clean it out. But with the Quickshot’s short length, the open end, and with all the popping-out the other side that you’ll be doing, the lube gets everywhere. In fact, a couple of times lube just dribbled straight through the end and all over me when I poured it into the front. It’s going to get everywhere. That’s just how it is. Good thing the Quickshot is so easy to clean and dry!

Using the end caps.

Yes, it’s a little messy, but one end cap can be used as a little stand to hold the sloppy Quickshot during pauses, and the other can serve as a little lube holder.

But lube isn’t the only messy thing that happens with the Quickshots. Since there’s no end cap and because you’ll probably be popping out the other side when the big “O” drops, there is nothing to stand in the way when the fireworks happen. Just like when you jerk off, be ready for a mess—it’s going to go everywhere, including all over the outside of the case. And in my experience, given how layered and wonderful the orgasms are with the Quickshots, there’s even more mess afterwards than when it’s just your hand.

I think the feeling is worth the mess, but it’s just something to be aware of.

It’s noisy.

Do you know what else is normally kept inside a regular Fleshlight during use? The sound of the Fleshlight doing its work. You hear it loud and clear with the Quickshots—there’s nothing to muffle it. The Quickshot may be easy to visually conceal, but if there’s anyone awake within earshot of you using it, you’re going to want to turn up some music or hide under a layer of covers.

And the kind of sounds it makes…well, I guess this rolls into subjective territory as well, but I’m not really turned on by the sounds. Some guys are, but to me, it’s sort of a stirring macaroni sound combined with a rubbery zither. (That makes sense, right?) It’s a small detraction for me, so I can mostly ignore it and get past it for the convenience that the Quickshot offers, as well as for the orgasms, but I don’t think it’s one of the Quickshot’s better attributes. The Vantage (clear Ice) is quieter than the Boost though (more on that down in the comparison). But, if you really think the sound will be a huge turn-off, a regular Fleshlight, Go, or Flight would be a quieter choice.

The ride to the orgasm isn’t quite as luxurious as a regular Fleshlight.

Just to be clear, “getting there” with the Quickshots still feels like a first-class upgrade over your hand, but a full-size Fleshlight or even the Fleshlight Go, simply due to its length, is able to stimulate nearly every inch of you at the same. That’s the “OMG, I’m inside of something wonderful” feeling that makes a full-size Fleshlight (or Go) feel so much more sex-like than your hand—360-degree full-length bliss.

Essentially, the Fleshlight Quickshots have one of the same limitations as your hand compared to a full-size Fleshlight—they can only stimulate 1/2 or maybe 2/3 of the happy feel-good nerve endings on your penis at a time depending on your length. (Shorter guys, here’s something to rejoice: more nerve endings in a smaller space means you’ve got pleasure efficiency.)

This isn’t so much as a criticism as it is just describing what it is like compared to a regular Fleshlight. If I were to compare it to actual sex, I’d say that the Quickshot is to a full-size Fleshlight what a (good) blow job is to full-tilt-boogie sex. It’s pretty sweet and exactly what you want sometimes, but the full-tilt is the gold when it comes to the “getting there” part. But again, I personally found the orgasms with the Quickshot to be so extra good that I think it’s a decent compromise.

Ergonomics: the Quickshots aren’t as comfortable in the hand during use.

Holding a Quickshot.

There’s not a lot of case to hold onto.

Once the caps are off, you have less than 1.5-inches of case to grip. So, a finger or two will be resting against the sleeve some of the time. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but since the Quickshot is kind of messy, it’s easy for lube to get on the case when your fingers keep touching the sleeve, and once the case has some lube on it, you’re having to find dry spots on the already tiny case area to grip. At least there is a case that provides a separation between the pressure of your hand and the actual stimulation, which means that the Quickshot should still be able to help guys out with avoiding masturbation death grip.

And one more thing, Quickshot vs. full-size:

The sleeves have a stronger plastic smell than any other Fleshlight that has come through the door. They are brand new though, so maybe that will calm down, but I’m glad the full-size ones don’t smell like this because with as much material as those have, it would always be noticeable. It’s passable on these little Quickshots, but a strong smell is one of the things that caused the Tenga Flip to lose to the Fleshlight in our Tenga vs. Fleshlight shootout so I’m surprised that it’s so pronounced on a Fleshlight product.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage (clear Ice) vs. Boost (not clear Ice)

Compare the model details on the Fleshlight.com Quickshot page >

I’m glad both of these were ordered because I definitely think each has a compelling reason to be the top choice depending on what you need from the Quickshot.

Which Quickshot

Decisions, decisions… Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage vs. Boost.

The Quickshot Vantage feels nicer than the Boost*

Strictly in subjective terms of sensation, I think the Vantage feels more interesting, nicer, and more memorable than the Boost. I’ve had random memories of what the Vantage felt like several times since using it, and that says something. Looking at the texture, I think it was inspired at least a little bit by the Stamina Training Unit (STU), which I understand to be one of the most beloved textures among Fleshlight evangelists (note to us: we really need to schedule a STU for review). It is less snug and gentler than the Boost, but I actually felt more from it. I know a lot of you may think, “less snug? No way—give me the tightest thing they’ve got,” but my penis swears the Vantage delivers the more deluxe treatment.

*As always, “different strokes for different folks” is definitely in effect here.

During use, I preferred the look of the Vantage

Because you pop out the other side of the open-ended Quickshot, there is actually something visually interesting to look at while you’re using it—the Fleshlight at work. With a regular Fleshlight, I’ve sometimes tried to imagine what exactly is going on inside there that is making it feel so good. (That also crosses my mind during sex. Is that weird?) With the short, open-ended Quickshot, you actually get to see what is going on. This goes double for the see-through quality of the Vantage. And let’s face it—we love our dicks and enjoy seeing it doing what it does, so watching it get spoiled by the Quickshot is kind of fascinating.

Quickshot Vantage

I liked the look of the Vantage more than the Boost. And it felt nicer.

But, the see-through quality of the Vantage isn’t the only reason I personally found it more enjoyable to look at during use compared to the Boost. The Boost has a dark grey sleeve. Personally—and I know this is highly subjective—I didn’t care so much for the look of the dark grey sleeve around my penis. To me, it made me think of some sort of rubberized industrial thing-a-ma-jig repurposed as a DIY sex toy. I would have preferred pink just because…well, I’m kind of pink, so a pink sleeve looks a little more organic somehow. However, aside from the fact that I have a gig that sometimes involves reviewing some basic sex toys, I’m sexually somewhat vanilla. I know that for some of you out there, especially those who are into dom/sub, the dark industrial look might really appeal to you.

Fleshlight QuickshotBoost Entry

Is this what a robot’s vagina looks like? I’m not a fan of the grey silver sleeve color on the Quickshot Boost given the purpose of this toy. It’s kind of industrial—not very sensual. I’d prefer the classic pink (maybe because I’m pink). But, it might be just the thing for you!

The Vantage is a little quieter

In my list of nitpicks, I mentioned the sound that the Quickshots make. Well, between the two, the Vantage is a little quieter and less of a stirring macaroni sound. I guess it’s just because of the texture design. It’s not a whole lot quieter, but it is a noticeable difference to me.

The Boost is the easiest to hide

If total discretion is your priority (dudes living in dorms, I’m looking at you), the Boost is hands-down the best choice. The other two points above are just matters of splitting hairs—it still feels much nicer than your hand and if you don’t like the look, close your eyes or open your laptop. If the hideability of the Quickshot Boost means that you can get a little more satisfaction on your own more often, it’s a fair tradeoff.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost in plain view.

Where’s Waldo’s Fleshlight? The Quickshot really is about the size of a DSLR camera lense, and if you just walked past it on a shelf, you probably wouldn’t notice it. (FYI, I don’t actually keep it here.)

Seriously, I actually left the closed-up boost on a shelf among some DSLR camera gear and lenses when some company dropped by and I didn’t feel panicked. You would never have known there was a Fleshlight there unless I said, “hey, go look next to the camera…there’s a Fleshlight there”. Likewise, it’s not much bigger than a rolled up pair of socks. Toss it in with a bunch of black socks and it practically disappears. Combine the small form factor, the generic shape, and the ability to wash and dry it super quick, and the Boost is the most covert Fleshlight you can buy. (Until after you use it…then it’s a freakin’ mess, but that can be dealt with.)

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost in the sock drawer.

No Fleshlights here. Just socks. Toss the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost into a drawer full of black socks and it nearly disappears. (If only it wasn’t so shiny.) If you need easy-to-hide, here’s your Fleshlight.

The Vantage is definitely more discreet than a regular full-size Fleshlight, but it’s still more curious looking than the Boost. (It can sort of hide among glasses of ice. If you live at a bar, I guess you could call that easy to hide. ) It’s still good for situations where you don’t have a lot of privacy, but the Boost is just better at hiding.

Regular Fleshlight or Quickshot?

An argument for both, if you can:

If you’ve got the money to spend and aren’t limited by the need to have the utmost discreet and hideable tiny Fleshlight, I think having both is the way to go, honestly. They complement each other. The Quickshot addresses a lot of the regular Fleshlight’s shortcomings—it’s easy to clean and fast to dry; easy to hide and super discreet; and the orgasms are wonderful in a way that they just aren’t quite (for me personally) with the full-size Fleshlights. But, the orgasm is only five seconds or so of the fun. The full-size Fleshlight is all about making the rest of the time something special in a way that your hand just can’t, and it does it with an immersive luxurious feeling that isn’t quite matched by the Quickshot. I haven’t tried it yet because I know it’s going to be double the mess, but I’ve been wondering what it would be like to go with a full-size Fleshlight almost to the point of no return and then switch to the Quickshot for the big finale.

Also, from doing some reading around the internet and looking at my own routines, I think most of us tend to revert to our hands for our everyday in-between-sex needs just because it’s quick and easy, and then break out the Fleshlight three or four times a month to really do it right. Because the Quickshot is so quick and easy to clean and dry, I think it can really supplement some of that everyday tension relief. In other words, I think the Fleshlight Quickshot is a Fleslight more guys will be able to use almost every day if they want.

If you can only have one and you’ve got limited privacy—the Quickshot is your Fleshlight.

In some ways the Quickshot is the Fleshlight that can go places that the full-size Fleshlight can’t. If you live in a college dorm or have roommates that don’t respect privacy (or literally share a room with someone), I think the Quickshot’s hideability (not really a word, but it should be) and quick-clean/quick-dry design makes it possible to discreetly enjoy some more satisfying solo time without the stress of trying to keep the massive regular Fleshlight hidden.

Explore the Quickshots more on the Fleshlight website >

If you can only have one and privacy isn’t your primary concern—the full-size Fleshlight or Go is still the best.

The full-size Fleshlight and Fleshlight Go still do what both your hand and the Quickshot cannot—it makes the “getting there” part amazing and much more sex-like. Although I made sort of a big deal out of the orgasms with the Quickshot, it’s not like orgasms with the regular Fleshlight aren’t great. In fact, even if you, like me, kind of seize up when you pop inside the Fleshlight, that kind of adds to the realism and there is something psychologically satisfying about cumming inside of something.

Read our original Fleshlight Deep-dive article.

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39 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    Hi thanks for the review
    I just found this article
    I own several fleshlights and was thinking to get the quickshot, me and my male partner would like to use it together at the same time by the two ends, is this possible? We tried to dp the other fleshlights and actually it worked very well.

  2. Adam says:

    I needed a compact hideable sex toy and wasn’t sure which of the two I should go for. This review has helped me choose the vantage. Not only did it do that… it was so detailed, I think I’m a fleshlight expert now! Thanks for the review and how clear you made it. Definatley one of the best reviewers iv read from!

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the comment. If you think about it sometime, after you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while, come back and share with readers your own impression of it.

  3. broman5000 says:

    Complete waste of money for me. I ordered it without knowing the width. Even with the soft interior material removed from the hard outer shell, when I slide the hard plastic shell over my penis, it rubs against the edges (only did that to see the size of the outer shell). With the soft material inside and fully erect, I can’t fit, and it absolutely sucked without the hard outer shell attached. Complete junk for me, and no response from the Fleshlight company about it. My diameter from side to side is right at 2” wide. I’ve never measured the circumference around.

    • skullcandy86 says:

      Argh! I have the same problem! I thought I was using it wrong as I could barely get my head in, and realised I have to take the sleeve out of the shell 🙁 i’m Not long by any means, very average there, but there was no mention of girth issues in the “stats” on purchase, or on their site. Was very disappointed, but at least I can still … half use it I guess.

  4. simplyme8899 says:

    Great Website and great review – Good to find a sex advice/review website aimed an men for a change.
    Just had to say Thanks!

  5. John says:

    Wish I had this when I was in the military. it would have saved a LOT of T shirts, and been more fun.

  6. DFM says:

    I have the On A Mission mount.
    I put a fleshlight case without the insert into it.
    Then I put the quickshot into the opening of the fleshlight case and secured it with some clear shipping tape.
    This arrangement works great for me since I have ED.
    The looseness of the quickshot allows me to enter with the minimal erection I get with a cock ring on.
    Pretty soon my penis responds enough to have a really awesome session with mind blowing orgasm.

    • Peter Clifford says:

      You Should try then minus the cases and close off the end with something as I hate hearing the BUH-TIFFFF it just get’s on my nerves I hear you about ED I’m 33 years old with ED and weak orgasms / retrograde Ejaculations because when I was in High school someone tried kicking me in the nuts (another guy don’t know what his problem was) Hit the shaft base on the underside instead and now what I call super flexy hard ons I can literally bend it with a hard on until the upper shaft still quite hard BACKWARDS and sit it between my legs That’s fucked isn’t it

  7. Mike says:

    My cock is approx 6 inches in circumference. Would you recommend either of these Quickshots?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Uh-oh! No, unfortunately the circumference of the hard case is exactly 6-inches and that just wouldn’t be enough room for the sleeve to spread even if you could just squeeze in. See the photo below. The same is true for the Fleshlight Flight and Go as well. I’m afraid the only option for using a Fleshlight with a case would be one of the full-size Fleshlights. The sleeves can be pretty fun to use even without the case, but I’m still not sure how comfortable they would be at your size.

      Fleshlight Quickshot Ring Circumference Measurement

    • Peter Clifford says:

      Yes, Yes you should Mike mines as thick as a VACUUM CLEANER POLE but only 4.9 inches long ERECT so yes you should get it

  8. Justin says:

    I have 4 inch penis how well will it do?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Considering that the Quickshot is just 3.5-inches, I imagine it would probably be perfect. In fact, it would probably feel almost like a full-size Fleshlight since almost your full length will be inside at the same time.

  9. Johnny says:

    Thanks for the great review, it’s much appreciated. Just had one question, does it feel like a real vagina? Or similar?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      It’s all very relative. In some ways it feels more like a vagina than your hand just because it’s softer, squishier, and more supple than your hand. However, because it is short and open-ended, you never get that fully inside and engulfed sensation that you feel when you’re inside a vagina or a regular full-size, Go, or Flight Fleshlight. The regular Fleshlights are much beloved because they give you so much of what you crave beyond your hand—the soft, luxurious, exciting sensations, as well as the feeling of being fully inside of something that fits you like a glove. The Quickshots get you halfway there there with softer and more luxurious sensations, but without the engulfed sensation. For some guys and some situations, that’s more than enough for some extra thrills.

      In terms of comparing it to sex, I’d say a Quickshot is to a BJ as a full-size Fleshlight is to regular sex. I don’t really picture having sex in my mind so vividly with a Quickshot as I do with a regular Fleshlight. However, it does sometimes make me remember or imagine BJs. Most often though, I’m just enjoying it for what it is—something that feels nice.

      Hope that helps. That’s a good question and others are bound to wonder the same thing. Thanks for posting it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great reviews. Will you get in trouble if you order from their site under 18?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      It is a risk and the terms of the site do explicitly prohibit purchases by people under the age of 18. The part of me that clearly remembers what it was like being a teenage guy thinks that sucks, but it’s not the company’s choice—it’s local, state, and national laws. So, it is what it is. I think the first thing a person should do the day that they turn 18 is register to vote and begin to participate in shaping the world they live in. Second thing—order a Fleshlight. Oh, and then you also have to register for selective service too.

  11. Liam says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. One issue is that I can’t use any lubricant as it would spoil the sample, so it would be the ‘ol ‘spit and rub’ kinda thing(pardon the pun). The Fleshlight MD seems like an excellent option, however the cup the hospital provides has a particular diameter that may not fit with the MD, as well I can’t lose even a tiny drop. I’m not a heavy cummer to begin with, so can’t afford to miss any. Thanks again for your post.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Wow—you really can’t use a water based lubricant? That seems odd to me. Again, I’m no scientist, but lube sure didn’t interfere with my sperm getting my wife pregnant. Sure, it was the regular way, but there was lube involved. But, I guess you need everything working on your side and need to remove all doubt. I think you’d need a lot of spit for the Quickshot. Have you ever tried a vibrator? Vibrations can do some amazing things for a penis too, you know. That could be another option for a non-lubricated enhancement. I’ve had some crazy messy orgasms from my wife using the We-Vibe on me. And that brings me to another thought. Would your wife simply being involved in the process—handjob, oral, or just touching a kissing while you work it out help bring up the intensity or maybe even put you at ease? It’s amazing how much more exciting it can feel even when its just someone else’s hand. Just a thought. It might actually be kind of kinky and fun. Who knows.

      Maybe one other thing to entertain would be a Tenga Egg. It would be a cheap alternative to a Quickshot if you just want something for this one purpose, and it’s quite a bit smaller and would probably require less self-produced lubrication. You’d have to pull out and finish with your hand because it’s not open-ended, but I don’t think that’s a big deal. Though, if personal lubricant will taint the sample, I wonder if the plastics from the Tenga or even the Fleshlight pose a risk. The Tengas have a funky plastic smell to them.

      Does abstaining from sex and masturbation for a few days result in a larger load for you?

      Seriously…I keep coming back to the idea of your wife actually being involved. Would she be game? After all, it’s about you two doing this together anyway. It’s just a different route.

      • Liam says:

        Thanks again for the info. Ill have to be in the room alone. I have an original Pink Lady that I would take with me and pull out and use my hand at the end I guess…. I think they just expect you to use your hand without any problem.

        Thanks again.

  12. Liam says:

    Strange question but here goes…
    My wife and I are trying to get pregnant through IVF, which means I have to go to a hospital, sit in a small room, and provide a sperm sample. So far the last three times I could not produce enough sperm due to being in such an environment. I was thinking the QUICKSHOT would be a helpful aid with the open end. I am 6.5″(hard) so when I ‘pop out’ logically when the big O happens I can fill the little cup with a bit more than a drop or two, thoughts? This can also be done at home, but only one hour be the injection, so a lot of pressure to ‘fill the cup’ with as much fresh sperm as possible. In your opinion would the QUICKSHOT Vantage be a viable advantage in achieving this? Thank you, and fantastic, educational, and well-written website. Kind regards.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      First, I wish you and your wife the best of luck, and I can’t imagine trying to do this under so much pressure and in a clinical environment. I think you may be on to something with your creative thinking. In fact, did you know that at one point, Fleshlight was producing a model called the Flight MD? It had a sperm collection cup at the end of it and I believe their intention was to market it to clinics etc. specifically to help with the issue that you’re facing. I’m not seeing it on their site now though, but it looks like they just re-did their site. I am seeing it on their Amazon store though. Here’s a link to the Fleshlight MD on Amazon. If you’re interested in that one and Amazon isn’t an option you want, you could try contacting Fleshlight direct and see if they still carry them. Then again, maybe they discontinued it because it wasn’t effective or something. I’m not sure. But I just wanted to tell you about it so that you would know that your idea is far from crazy.

      I think the Quickshot could totally be used the way you’re picturing it. One thing about the Quickshots is that they are messy at the end, but you need and want as much of that mess as possible so that would probably work out well. You’re just going to have to be extra careful about aiming into the cup since you’re going to have the bulk of the Quickshot between your hand and your penis, and because it might obstruct your view a little bit.

      Though, I think you could also consider other Fleshlight options as well. I mention this because how you feel psychologically can contribute as much as the excitement of what you’re feeling physically to the amount of ejaculate that you produce. So to that end, I think that if there is some other Fleshlight model that sexually excites you significantly more so than the Quickshot, that extra excitement might translate into a bigger load. For example, if a vagina design makes you feel more “into it” and helps you imagine having real sex more so than the Quickshot, you may have better luck with that. The Go Surge is one compact option you could consider. You do have the option of pulling out at the last minute. I think the stimulation you feel during the “getting there” part will build up enough excitement that you’ll get the volume you want.

      But the Quickshot does provide a direct path to where you want the load to go and I imagine it will give you a nice bump in volume, especially if you’re excited about it and have been anticipating feeling it for a while. And you should be excited about the idea of it. It does feel a lot more exciting and nice than your hand. (To me, it feels somewhat comparable to really good oral sex—definitely more exiting than the hand—and maybe just exciting enough to help you forget where you are if you close your eyes.) Just wanted to mention the other options in case you still have trouble when using the Quickshot.

      And I don’t think this is a strange question at all. In fact, I think what couples have to go through in order to attempt IVF might actually make a good story idea for the Love/Wellness section of our site. The fact that you’re thinking creatively about how to solve this problem speaks to your thoughtfulness towards your partner and your relationship. Thanks for the comment and question. Please reach out if you have any more questions. We’d love to hear back from you to find out how things have progressed for you—hopefully a success story.

  13. Rob says:

    Just bought the Vantage model for funsies, because who doesn’t love something other than their hand, and it’s fantastic. The texture is amazing, with a pop of lube it slides nicely and it provides good sensations all round. I’ve opted to use it without the hard plastic case, although I imagine it’ll be a much tighter fit.

    I suffer from the dreaded death grip, and I would have to say this may well help fix that! Having just come out of a relationship where I couldn’t climax during sex (because of the aforementioned death grip), I can already see the Vantage becoming useful for retraining myself for my new relationship.

    Something I would have liked to have seen would be seeing about warming up the toy in hot water or using warm lube for a more “natural” feel, though I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try myself!

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experience! All the methods for warming a regular Fleshlight should work with the Quickshots, including the basic warming in a sink or bowl of hot water. I haven’t tried that personally, but I have tried warming the Quickshot on the Fleshlight Warmer and it works just fine. The topic of warming was probably left out of the Quickshot review because we just assumed that people have also read the original Fleshlight Deep-dive Article in which we talk about warming—which is probably a totally incorrect assumption. Please come back and chime in with your experience with warming the Quickshot when you get a chance.

  14. Polfsky Pol says:

    Thanks for an awesome in-depth review! I bought my first ever Fleshlight (Go Surge) last month based on your reviews. The experience has been incredible, but I agree with you that the orgasm is a bit overwhelming inside the sleeve. So now I’m considering getting this QuickShot to try out too. Hopefully, there will be a good Valentines Day deal on that.

    I also just came across autoblow 2. Have you heard of it? Would you consider reviewing that too? Would love to read your review on it.

    • In Bed Staff says:

      The Autoblow 2 is on our radar and we’re considering it for a review. There’s a number of items on the list ahead of it though, but there’s definitely a lot of interest in it out there. When we do, I’ll scour the site for comments regarding the Autoblow and post a reply.

      Thanks a bunch for your comment and for sharing your experience!

  15. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the really thorough review – in fact, thanks for a great magazine! The Quickshot launched recently here in the UK and I thought, at last, a Fleshlight I’ll be able to use – because like you I find conventional ‘closed’ masturbation toys stimulate me too intensely at the point of orgasm. Even so, I needed a really well-written, impartial review to help me make up my mind, and that’s what I found on your fine website. After reading it I went out on Friday to our local sex shop and bought the Vantage – and I’ve been floating around with a smile on my face ever since! I’ve used it solo and my wife has used it on me, and it’s so cute to look at and such fun to use I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to straight hand jobs. (No, I’m sure we will. But the Quickshot’s a great addition to the repertoire, so to speak).

    The only trouble is…I’ve been reading your reviews of the other Fleshlights as well, and I’m seriously tempted to buy a couple more. The Go is calling to me even as I write!

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience and feedback. The part about how you and your wife are incorporating it together is especially great. It reassures a lot of readers to see how other guys and couples incorporate sex toys for both partners in order to expand their sex lives together as well as solo.

      And you’re right about that “only trouble is” part. Once you try one, you start getting curious about others. They’re sort of like different flavors of sensation, and that’s one of the things that’s so great about them. They really cater to our natural desire to sample different sexual sensations…but without pushing the boundaries of our relationships.

      Both Go models are great, but the Torque is particularly good for partner play. Also, I intend to update the Quickshot article to relate an experience that happened after the initial tests for the review, where I used the Quickshot in combination with the Fleshlight Flight. Switching back and forth was very interesting. It actually made me feel the Flight more intensely and in more detail. I’ve used the Flight quite a few times—it has become the one that I use most often if not trying something out specifically for an In Bed article…and I felt it in a way that I had never felt it before when I’d switch back from the Quickshot Vantage. And it was a really, really nice feeling. I’d even say that the specific moment that I switched over and felt that for the first time is probably up there in my top 20 most memorable sexual sensations. (I don’t know if it’ll hold that #20 spot forever, but it’s up there right now.)

      The second thing that was cool about using the Quickshot in combination with another Fleshlight was, of course, enjoying the luxury of being fully inside the Flight for the “getting there” part, but switching to the Quickshot for the orgasm. Granted, there was so much cleanup to do afterwards, I felt like I was doing the dishes and cleaning up the house after a party or something. It’s not something that I’ll do very often, but it was a cool indulgence when my SO what out of town for the weekend.

      If you’re looking for more partner play options, the Tenga Eggs are pretty cool too. We’re working on getting a piece up on those soon. Since there is no case, they feel a bit more intimate than Fleshlights because you can still feel the pressure of your partner’s hand, and she (or he) can still feel you through the material as well. Yet, it’s still a few bars higher than what a hand feels like. It’s worth picking up one or two to try out if they have them at the shop you visit. Or, they sell them at ToyDemon.com (our favorite Tenga dealer) and, of course, Amazon.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  16. NiceGirl says:

    Thank you for the awesome review. I was looking for a toy for my boyfriend since we’re in a long distance relationship. Something that’s see-through for my viewing pleasure on skype dates and inconspicious because he has flatmates. And thanks to your article I’m sure I found the perfect toy 🙂

  17. Chris says:

    Really good review. Nothing what I expected but I had no idea what to expect in the first place. I was really reluctant about the whole thing but your review might just change that. Need to check the Other variants, still.

    Thanks for taking your time for the review!

    • In Bed Staff says:

      …and thank YOU for taking the time to leave a comment! We’ve got reviews for a few other variants here on the site, so run a search and see if any of those are helpful. If you don’t find the info that you want, come back and let us know. We’re in the middle of planning out the next six months worth of articles, including reviews, and we’d love to hear what visitors are most interested in.

  18. Neil says:

    In regards to cleaning the quick-shot, is it necessary to use the renewal powder or is simply washing it with water ok?


    • In Bed Staff says:

      Hey there! The function of the Renewing Powder is basically to make the material less sticky, more soft—more like it came from the factory. So, it doesn’t really serve an actual cleansing function. And yes, just cleaning it with hot water should do the trick. Since it’s so short and you can turn it inside out, it’s really a lot easier to clean than the others and there’s a lot less risk of accidentally putting it away wet.

      I may not have mentioned this up there in the article, but whereas the regular Fleshlights are hardly sticky at all when they come from the factory because they do have a very fine coating of corn starch (which is what the Renewing Powder is), the Quickshots don’t seem to have the same type of coating from the factory. The Quickshots are, in fact, quite sticky even right out of the box. So, I wouldn’t be inclined to use the renewing powder on the Quickshots. There might be a reason why they didn’t choose to coat it at the factory. In particular, all of the see-through Ice models (including the Quickshot Vantage) come from the factory without the fine powder coating and are extra sticky. I’ve read that using the Renewing Powder/corn starch on the Ice models will cause them to become cloudy, which diminishes the fun of the see-through quality. Thus, I would definitely recommend against the Renewing Powder for the see-through Vantage Quickshot.

      Basically, in my opinion, the Renewing Powder really makes more sense for the full-blown original pink Fleshlights that are designed to look more anatomically correct. The powder is really all about enhancing that anatomical likeness in both a visual and tactile sense.

      Thanks for posting your question and cheers right back to you!

  19. Bryan says:

    Great review! Just curious. What is the dry time of the vantage and how much of a drawback is the stickiness of the material?

    • In Bed Staff says:

      Good questions, thanks for posting. You asked about the dry time and the drawbacks of the stickiness—actually, one of the drawbacks of the stickiness is that it’s kind of hard to tell if the material is dry because the stickiness makes it feel kind of damp and clammy when it’s cold. But, using a truly clean towel to blot both the outside and the inside (after turning it inside out), and then returning it to right-side-out, and leaving it on a dresser under a ceiling fan on a low humidity day in a room with a temperature of about 73 degrees seemed to get it dry in about 30 minutes. I’d suggest putting it away with one cap off for a while if possible if you aren’t sure if it’s sticky or still slightly damp. I would imagine that using a little fan would cut the dry time in half if the humidity is low. So much of it depends on airflow, ambient temperature, and humidity, so results may vary, but in relation to some of the larger models, it’s noticeably faster to dry.

      As for the drawbacks of the stickiness, it definitely gives it a less sensual feeling in your hands than the bigger Fleshlights. When you’re handling it with your hands it’s kind of funky feeling. Once it’s lubricated and put to the use it was intended for, you don’t really notice or care. And though I haven’t dropped it on on the floor yet, I’m sure that if I do, it’s going to pick up any bit of dust, dirt, or whatever that it encounters. It should rinse off easily, of course, but I’m extra paranoid about dropping it just because I know it’s going to be a mess.

      The plastic smell is actually bugging me a bit more than the stickiness though. I may go back and call that out in a little more detail. I’ve criticized some Tenga products before due to the strong smell but I think I’m actually disliking the smell of this one even more. It’s not gross, just kind of industrial.

      Thanks for posting the questions!

      • Bryan says:

        Thanks so much for the quick detailed response. I really want to try out the vantage, but an offputting smell is going to kill the arrousal factor. Any chance that smell dissipates after a few days?

        Btw, I just tried my first FL, thanks to your glowing review of the Go and all I can say is WOW! I’ve been trying a couple different things to boost my stamina for my wife in the bedroom and I definitely think this is going to help.

        • In Bed Staff says:

          Unfortunately, it has been a little over a week and the smell is still there. It may not be quite as strong as it was right out of the box, but it’s still there. The Boost seems to have a stronger smell than the Vantage, but that might be psychological to me since the Boost sleeve looks so industrial compared to the Vantage. However, the scent of the Quickshots doesn’t seem to cling to the body the way that the smell of some Tenga products do. With the Tenga Eggs for example, even though I’ve washed my hands several times and showered, I can be doing something random later in the day—eating a sandwich, bringing a cup of coffee up to my mouth—and I’ll catch a whiff of plasticky sex toy weirdness. On the one hand I think, “well that’s kind of funky and weird”, but on the other hand the afterglow is still lingering faintly below the belt and I think, “oh yeah, that was a nice time…I should have sex for real tonight”. So, I guess it’s not all bad.

          I’m glad you’re enjoying the Go and that the review helped. More so, I’m glad that you think it’s going to help with stamina. It has definitely helped me out some. It wasn’t something I was intentionally trying to work on at first but I have noticed that I have more control now. I’ve gotten to the point where I can sort of “tune in” to the pleasure or side-step it if I want sometimes. And I do mean sometimes. If it has been a while since sex, even with using the Fleshlight in between, it can still be a challenge, but most of the time I’m able to stay in a nice zone until she has caught up or passed me by. The Fleshlight’s ability to help even things out for guys during sex is among the reasons why I wanted to include quality articles about Fleshlights and other sex toys for guys on In Bed in the first place. There’s still a lingering bullsh*t stigma floating around that says that sex toys are for guys who “can’t get any” or whatever, but that’s just not true and I think a lot of guys miss out on a lot of sexual wellness benefits of sex toys because they believe that notion. Comments like yours in which you share that you have a Fleshlight, that you’re married, and that you’re actively pursuing things that enhance your sex life, help both men and women understand that. So, thanks a bunch for your comment!

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